The Master Closet Before the Transformation

Organization hasn’t always been my strong suit especially when it I don’t have the proper tools. My husband likes to joke I have a bit of hoarding blood in my system because things get a bit cluttered in my life. I have to say, I’m no where near a hoarder but I could always be more organized and that is my goal for 2015. Some may say, “wasn’t that your goal when you moved in your new house 6 months ago?”

Yes! It’s a work-in-progress, people! It takes time. 🙂

When we picked out this new house, one of my favorite rooms was the master closet. This is no ordinary master closet! This is a full room that is really a dream come true for a woman. It would have made an amazing nursery when my kids were babies or even a great home office, but we are using it as a master closet. Okay, I said “we” but really it is “I” because it is all mine. Yep, I don’t even have to share it because our master bedroom has a secondary closet for my husband. Sure, his closet is much smaller but he has less stuff. At least that is what I have convinced him.

While my closet is ahhh-mazing, it only has two long rows of wire shelves. Yeah, that isn’t the best use of space or the greatest thing to give to someone who is a bit unorganized like myself. Things tend to pile up. It gets messy.

master closet

That’s why I’m so happy to be partnering with for our 8th episode of “At Home with Baby Gizmo” to give my closet (and my husband’s!) a full makeover. Shelves. Baskets. Ironing board. Drawers. Belt organizers. Shoe shelves. It is going to have it all! Everything I need to get organized for the new year!

Today, I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes, before-transformation look at my closet and show you what we are dealing with and what we plan to do. The closet organization isn’t in the best shape right now (okay, I admit it – it’s a MESS!) but I like to keep things real and show you what we are dealing with.

Take a peek at today’s Baby Gizmo Video and stay tuned for our 8th episode of “At Home with Baby Gizmo” which will happen in a few weeks to see the finished room and all its glory.