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Moms Share How They Find Calm

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how to find your calm

Did your day lack calm?

Was the day super long? Filled with a fussy baby or bickering siblings?

Are you at the end of your rope?

I hear ya. I know how it goes. It. Is. Hard.

*Deep breath*

Being a mom is such a joy. There is truly nothing like it. The sweet snuggles and the deep love are priceless. The smiles. The laughs. But, it doesn’t mean that the hard parts need to be buried and forgotten. Sleepless nights on top of mama hormones on top of varying personalities and huge life transitions make for rough days. And sometimes those rough days stretch into rough seasons and you just feel spent. You feel at the end of your rope and you’re desperately seeking calm.

Today a handful of very wise (and funny!) mamas are sharing what they do to find calm when they’re at the end of their proverbial rope. Hope it helps you today!

I remind myself that I set the tone for our family. That means that I have the power to re-center us and return things to peace and order. For us, it usually means a trip outside. Nature does wonders when the crazy strikes! -Katie, mom of 4

I employ the LLI strategy. 1) Lock self in pantry. B) Locate chocolate. C) Ingest liberally. -Traci, mom of 3

I tell my hubby I need to get my eyebrows done. That gets me away, pampers me, and makes me so happy. And in between the every 2 month appt, I tell the kids I need a mama time out, I plug them in front of their favorite show and lock myself in the bedroom! -Charissa, mom of 4

I say it like it is. “Kids, mom is freaking out. I don’t want to freak out. Let’s work together to calm down from the inside out.” Then, we breath. Big breaths. Because oxygen heals. And so does honesty. -Rose, mom of 5

I leave. Literally… I’ve made it a major priority to remind myself (several times a year) with brief, economical trips, that I’m not just a mom and wife, I’m a PERSON and there’s a WORLD out there. Which I sorta tend to forget when I’m at my whit’s end, haven’t had a decent night sleep in forever, and every single one of my children is either sniffling with a cold or crying over the latest metaphorical “spilt milk.” -Alissa, mom of 3

Time out for mommy. Take deep conscious breaths. Separate myself from the situation. My son is only 4 and hasn’t learned how to control his emotions yet, so I have to control mine. -Diane, mom of 1

Do you have a go to tactic for finding calm when everything is falling apart? I, and all the other moms of the world would love to hear your tips!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.