9 House Plants Every Mom Is Crushing on Right Now

House plants are all the rage lately. Every advertisement you look at and styled Instagram home… what do you see? PLANTS!

A house plant brings a certain freshness to a home and let’s face it, they’re easier to care for than kids! House plants don’t talk back, complain about meals, or leave toys underfoot ­čÖé

I suspect their simplicity and ease is one of the reasons mamas are constantly adding plant babies to their “family” and their Mother’s Day wish lists. The more the merrier!


Aloe — My personal favorite! Aloe is hearty and needs minimal watering. It also serves as a natural first aid kit! The inside of each leaf can soothe burns and heal minor wounds.

Lavender — Gift calm with this peaceful scent.

Air Plants — No dirt needed and only occasional misting. These are easy and pretty!

Herbs — If your mama loves to cook (or eat!), gather a few herbs in her honor. Basil is always a winner as is oregano, rosemary, and cilantro.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig — These start small and grow BIG! They have a reputation of being temperamental, but I’ve found that the trick is in minimal watering (like every 2 weeks) and moisture monitoring with a water meter (include one with your gift and your mama will be set for fiddle leaf fig success).

Ivy — Invasive outside, welcome inside!

Snake plant

Snake Plant — Well, that’s the common name. You can call it┬ásansevieria if you’d like to be fancy.

Cacti — The Christmas cactus is a gorgeous choice if you’d like a cactus that blooms.

Heart Leaf Philodendron — This one is on my personal wish list! They cascade beautifully from a hanging planter.

Mamas, what other house plants are you crushing on right now?