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  1. Thank you!!!

    I remember hearing a story about a new mom who visited a (slightly) older friend’s house (another mom with a bunch of kids, some probably teen-aged), and she had some toys lying around, and she said that she wouldn’t “apologize” for having a messy home, but actually wanted others (especially young, impressionable moms) to see that it’s okay for your home to look lived in.

    It’s just proof that you are a good mom. Toys = kids play, dishes = kids eat, clothes = kids get changed, etc.! Sure, after the kids are asleep, and I just want to relax, there are times that I can’t until I straighten up a bit, and then feel I can breathe, but there are other times when I just let it go, and manage to relax anyway, or just shut my eyes (literally), and then the mess doesn’t bother me.

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