Mother’s Day Cards for Funny Moms

Mother’s Day is around the corner and everyone is getting ready to thank their mother for all the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) they put into raising kids. In our house, comedy is king so a sweet little card with flowers and a Hallmark poem just isn’t going to cut it. Motherhood is nothing short of a comedy of errors, so embrace the funny and pick out a snarky little gem for a mom in your life who has a sense of humor!


If you are proud of all your mom taught you…

Photo Credit: MeandWee


For the fashionista mom in your life…

Photo Credit: WitandWistle


If you feel like getting specific…

Photo Credit: WitandWhistle


If you are pretty sure you are the best thing that ever happened to her…

Photo Credit: CraftColorfully


If you want to let her know her failings are ok with you…

Photo Credit: Wit and Whistle


If your mom doesn’t shoot for the stars, but aims more for a tall tree…

Photo Credit: The Phantom Limb


If you want to utter those words every mother longs to hear…

Photo Credit: Me and Wee


If your mom likes design AND heartfelt sentiment…

Photo Credit: Pigeon Pie Design


If you have done this…(and don’t lie, we all thought about it.)

Photo Credit: Cheeky Kumquat


If you want a generic card that you can get in bulk and send to every mother that has ever lived…


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