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No More Mother’s Day Cards

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Three years ago my husband (with the prompting of his very wise mother-in-law) started a fabulous tradition with my Mother’s Day Journal. It’s frugal and priceless – the best kind of traditions – and gives him some major husband points!

mother's day journal

This is my Mother’s Day Journal.

Every year on Mother’s Day my husband sits down with our two kids and they create a new page for me in lieu of a Mother’s Day card. Being one and three years old, my first few pages are full of scribbles and a photo or two to commemorate another year of love and motherhood. In the future I suspect I’ll see first sentences with adorable sounded out words and then later on, hopefully some heartfelt and funny memories as my children reflect on our relationship.

md journal 3

I love that all my Mother’s Day “cards” are bound together. It provides a sweet place for me to flip back and see how we’ve grown as a family over the years. Best of all, my husband can put the money he would have spent on a card or two towards my gift, lol!

So mamas, this year, task your husband with purchasing a pretty journal and join me in saying “No more Mother’s Day cards”! Some favorite options here, here, here and here.

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Sunday 8th of May 2016

This is a cute idea. When I was younger my mom worked nights for a few months and we would write in a notebook to each other. I'd write to her at night and when she got home she would write me back. Loved it. I like to get my mom flowers or a nice bead for her bracelet.

Kendsie Niederriter

Sunday 8th of May 2016

This is genius ..truly wish I would have sent this year's ago. Thank you


Sunday 8th of May 2016

My favorite Mother's Day gift is not having to make dinner for a night.

Janice Cuevas

Sunday 8th of May 2016

words cannot explain how special this idea is! Personalized gifts always melt my mother's heart. i always get her mini roses for her garden..and I think I will do this combined.


Saturday 7th of May 2016

Mom and child crafts

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.