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Outdoor Family Activities For This Spring/Summer

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It’s spring, which means the sun is shining, and the weather is heating up! It’s the perfect time to put on your sandals and get your whole family outdoors for some fun activities. If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to do, fear not, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Take a hike. Go for a walk, discover new trails, hike uphill or downhill, discover nature at it’s finest with your loved ones!

Have a picnic. Pack blankets and snacks and set up at your favorite park or playground. Sometimes something as simple as eating outdoors can be great fun and so exciting for little ones!

Go to the beach. Lather on the sunscreen, bring your surfboard, and hit the waves! Make sandcastles, pack lunch, or stay late to have a weenie roast with s’mores!

Bike rides. Go for a fun bike ride with the whole fam. Don’t own a bike? Don’t worry. There’s tons of places that will rent you bikes for the day or by the hour! It’s great exercise, too!

Water games. Fill up water balloons, take out the slip and slide, blow up a little pool, or simply take out the hose! When it gets hot outside one of the best ways to cool down is right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Go swimming. Go to your local YMCA or community swimming pool when they have open swim days and spend the day splashing around!

Visit the zoo. Hit your local zoo and see the animals! Lots of zoos have hands on activities and shows to keep you entertained the whole day long, too!

Blow bubbles. What is it about kids and bubbles? My son goes nuts for something so simple and cheap! Get outside and get to popping.

Sports. Baseball, football, soccer, or whatever your favorite sport is, get outdoors and play!

Hopscotch. Pick up some chalk from your local 99 cents store and go to town! The kids will probably like the chalk part just as much as the hopscotch part.

Gardening. Plant some flowers or vegetables when the weather is right and teach your children the importance of watering their new plants. You can pick up plant seeds in the $1 section at Target! Not only will they will have a blast watching them grow, but they get to learn about taking care of the earth and tending to plants.

Go camping. Make camp at your favorite beach or camping spot or even pitch tent in your own backyard where home is just footsteps away. Tell stories, drink hot cocoa, fall asleep under the stars!

Bug collecting. Grab some jars (with holes in them) and collect bugs around your neighborhood. Teach your children about different insects, being kind to them, and make sure to release them afterwards.

Scavenger Hunt. Create an outdoor scavenger hunt for you children complete with prizes and clues. You can get really fun and creative with this, or keep it simple- your children will just enjoy the mystery! I’ve done this for my son once before and he was overjoyed!

Berry Picking. Find a local farm and go berry or apple picking. Come home and bake a pie with your delicious fruits afterwards!

Did we miss one of your favorite outdoor family activities? Leave us a comment and add to the list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.