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Dear Minecraft…

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Dear Minecraft,

I’m sorry to have to write this letter, especially after my note to the Claw Machine a few years ago, but a few things need to be said. After months and months, I cannot ignore it any longer.  


I’m a mother and I’m concerned with your overpowering influence over my kids. They are obsessed with you. Not just a little obsessed but Kim-Kardashian-with-fame type of obsessed.  Honestly, I think they think about you day and night. My 4-year-old mumbles about fire spreading in his Minecraft homes in his sleep. That’s just not cool.  

Sure, video games can be addictive but it’s getting out of hand. You are causing rifts in my household. One minute the kids are playing perfectly together and then you happen! You weasel your way into their playtime and ruin everything. It becomes total chaos.   I never thought I’d hear my kids scream from the other room – “YOU BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN!!!” Yeah, that is a new one for me!  

I’ll admit that I don’t really know you. I haven’t done my due diligence and taken the time to really get to know you. Figure out your quirks. What makes you tick? Why the kids are obsessed with you. Maybe that is my fault? You’ve been courting my kids for months and I’m just not happy with where it is going.   I just think you are wrong for them. Sure, you could argue that you are all about adventure with friends and good for the imagination but you are also a troublemaker.

I have mom friends who have told me that they have desperately Googled “how to get rid of lava in a living room in Minecraft” after her son collapsed in tears that his brother had ruined his living space. Really?!? Lava in living rooms? I understand how one would see that as unique and imaginative but to a mom trying to break up an all out brawl between two boys over a lava filled living room, it’s just not cool.  

Sure, my kids can play you happily on the iPad and get along but that is really an anomaly. The majority of the time the Minecraft time ends in tears and me threatening them all that “I WILL DELETE THAT GAME AND YOU WILL LOSE EVVVVERYTHING THAT YOU BUILT!” And when my 7-old-year looks at me with those big blue eyes and says “You wouldn’t!” I have no choice but to growl at him, “Test me, buddy, and see what happens! STOP burning your brother’s houses down!”  

That is an absolute crazy conversation for a mom and a 7-year-old, wouldn’t you agree? That is why, I’m sorry to say, but I think I might have to ask you to stop seeing my children. Yep, I think the relationship needs to be terminated. I just don’t think they are ready for this type of up and down relationship especially because you come between them and their siblings.  

Consider this a break-up. Here’s how it is going to go down:

  1. I’m going to delete you.
  2. When my kids question it, I’m going to act like it was your fault and that you are the one with the glitch and it had to be done.
  3. We are never going to talk about you again.

I’d appreciate if you could stay away from their friends too so that I don’t have to hear about you that way. M’kay? It’ll just get weird when I have to explain that only our iPads have a glitch with you and soon their friends will experience the same thing.

I’d like to say it was fun while it lasted, but honestly, it wasn’t. Just a lot of tears, lava, fire and fighting.

Good riddance.

Yours truly, A Mom on the Edge  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.