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  1. Minecraft is a great learning game, and one of the things your kids will learn is how to work together, and how to get lava out of the living room. We have a family minecraft server and have spent a lot of great times with all of us working together to build a project, explore a mine, and so much other stuff. It’s a fun game, give it a go and play with your kids.

  2. Great letter, but I think the underlying problem is the amount of time parents let their children play with these games. It is depressing to see families out and all the children have their noses buried in an iPad or iPod or other smart devices. We need to set limits for their benefit. Don’t think you need these devices to keep your children occupies for your sanity, so you can get things done. That is the worst mistake any mom can make. Kids are happier with physical and artistic activities. Take you family back and stop blaming the games!

  3. I totally understand where you are coming from. That game used to cause so much fighting among my 2 older boys, ages 6 and 9. There were some rough patches, but I decided to check out the game and see what all the fuss was about. My boys both have ipads and it was never a problem when we would be out and about, but they fought when we on the wifi or at home. I discovered that they were in each others “worlds” and so I game them a choice. If they were going to be in each others worlds they had to agree not to destroy what had been created or we would delete the game. And of course there is always locking up their Ipad alltogether too via the “find my ipad”. Thankfully they chose to “play” nice, but they know and are reminded that the game will be deleted if they attach each other creations. Some days they are in their own created worlds, but there are some times where they are in each others, but so far so good. Whatever works in your household.

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