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  1. That was one thing my mom actually did talk to me about, so I felt totally prepared! And maturation programs nowadays are SO much better than when I was in elementary. I went with my daughter to hers last year, and some of it was cheesy, but it was definitely more informative and practical. The woman facilitating also told us to keep pads in backpacks just in case it starts while at school. I’ve always been totally open with my kids–one girl, one boy–about my period. It is a natural thing, so there shouldn’t be a stigma or embarrassment. I want my daughter to feel comfortable talking about it around her friends who are boys (she’s got a lot of them!). Boys are always making jokes about balls, or snickering when the word “balls” are ever mentioned, so it should be okay for girls to talk about their periods! As my son gets to that age I really want girls to feel comfortable around him talking about it as well. I’m hoping that with how open I’ve been in talking about it and explaining what it is that will happen. I think there are a lot of things we need to be more open, honest and non-stigmatizing about in society these days! Great article.

  2. I feel so crazy lucky. My period arrived when I was 13, before school, so Mom just kept me home until lunch and took me to school at lunch time because I could not miss a test in my final class period. She made sure I was stocked up on everything I would need, and it may by my fault your experience was so terrible because I was so embarrassed by my period, Mom stopped talking about it. Sorry, sis! Glad I could help you some! But, seriously, even to this day some of our brothers are so clueless!! Did you know one of them asked me if I could talk to his wife and ask her to stop ruining her underwear with her period blood?!? I looked at him and asked if he thought we had some sort of internal buzzer that rang right before the blood arrived. He looked at me completely shocked when I told him no such thing existed!! And he had FOUR kids with this poor woman!?! I couldn’t believe how clueless he was… still can’t…

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