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  1. This is great! I try to add veggies whenever I can to my foods to make them healthier by boosting my veggie/fruit intake.
    Such perfect timing, I’ve been wanting Mac & cheese, staring at that pasta for a week and just thinking how to make a healthy version. I love adding pumpkin puree into soups, it’s great in mixed fruit smoothies, and in pasta sauce that can be too acidic for some children and adults. I never thought of pumpkin Mac & cheese.
    I’m retired and cooking for myself now tends to be a chore now and usually boring. You might not have planned this, but your site isn’t just for young families. I certainly enjoy your site very much. At 57,I can even relate to the “terrible twos” article – pretty much the same reactions but now due to menopause and some of the downsides of retirement. LOL! Yes, I know what your thinking, I never would have believed it myself, but there really are downsides.
    I look forward to your emails, they cheer me up and have great ideas! Thanks, I don’t know how you do it all!

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