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  1. They asked so many times, what size jar do you use? It looks like a pint size jar, unless you’re in to eating a lot at lunch.

  2. Why does it have to be glass? I’m afraid of the glass breaking in the break room refrigerator. (People just toss their lunches in without care.)

  3. When you say that the salad needs “sealed” into the jar does that mean that I need to purchase a canning sealer or are you just screwing the lid on tight?

  4. Dressing: 1 tblsp mayonaise, half tblsp mustard, 2 tblsp water.
    Raisans handfull
    Smoked chicken in cubes
    White cabbage shredded
    Romaine lettuce

    Im from the Netherlands! !!

  5. This sounds wonderful. I have seen these before but never really paid attention until I saw YOUR post.
    I want to make them now but do not have any mason jars on hand at the moment. Can I just any clean glass jar, like an old salsa or pickle jar? Thank you!

  6. This is absolutely brilliant! I got excited when I saw this and had to show my husband! I love salad but could never take it to work, by the time I could eat it it just never taste right. I’m excited to try this!!

  7. How is the salad tossed? Do you just shake the jar? I would love to send one of these salads to school with my guys but if they need another bowl or plate to haul in their already loaded backpack, I don’t think it will fly!

    1. It does have to be dumped onto a plate or into a bowl. Not sure it will work for your guys if they don’t have a plate or bowl.

  8. I’m definitely trying this out for work! Just have to find me some jars now! I’d quite like to put some pasta or rice in too, but not 100% certain where it should go in the layers, other than that it probably shouldn’t be near or in the dressing. Would it be best on top of the meaty layer do you think?

  9. I had also never heard of this before- but I’m SO excited to try this. My daughter is in 8th grade and our school lunch programs are becoming pathetic (that’s being generous) due to new govt requirements, so we are on the search for healthy meals she can take to school! She loves Caesar salad and i know we will be trying this!!

  10. i just tried this. I made one last night as a test and am enjoying it very much as my lunch right now. I did ranch dressing, sliced carrots, shredded ham, shredded turkey, shredded cheese, chopped hard boiled egg then lettuce. It’s very delicious!! I didn’t doubt but am glad to have my personal experience show it!

  11. I’m assuming it’s the glass that helps with the lettuce not wilting. I’ve read (and tried with success) putting lettuce in a glass jar or glass tupperware with a napkin or paper towel on top helps to keep lettuce fresh after opening.

    I’ve never tried the salad in a jar but will now, thanks! What size jars do you use to make it enough salad?

  12. This sounds great! I’ve not heard of this either and I’m from California! Can’t wait to try it.

  13. You are not the only one that hasn’t heard of this, but I, too, think it’s absolutely brilliant! I could make salads for the week on Sunday night, and then grab one every morning before I head out for work!

  14. I just made one of these for work tomorrow. I included dressing (2 parts olive oil, 1 part red wine vinegar, sugar, pepper, garlic salt), carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, edamame, chicken, strawberries, sunflower seeds, cheese, and spinach. I prepared it in that order. I cannot wait to try it tomorrow!

  15. Love this idea but will the lettuce wilt.? I love salads but my lettuce goes brown as soon as you open the bags , thanks

    1. Hi Betty! If you seal the salad in the mason jar and make sure that the dressing does not touch the lettuce, the lettuce stays good (does not wilt for at least 4-5 days! It’s pretty awesome!

  16. Hey! I just found you through Pinterest and am wondering if you’d tried a inch salad in a jar with any success. I’m not a huge fan of lettuce, but I love spinach.


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