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10 Shopping Online Tips: Finding The Best Deals

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Who doesn’t love shopping online? And even better, who doesn’t love a great deal when shopping online?! We’re sharing some fabulous tips to help you shop online for the best deals! Read on and start saving.

shopping online secrets

1. Always check saving sites first. There are so many great coupon/savings websites, and one of my favorites is Retail Me Not. Before I buy anything online, I always check here first to see if there are any coupon codes I can use. 9 times out of 10 I can get a coupon code for at least 10% off.

2. Sites like Overstock have brand-name items at clearance prices! You really can save big!

3. Price match. Did you know that lots of shops will price match for you? Nordstrom just started price matching online and this means there’s a great chance you’ll find a great deal!

4. Wait for sales. If I see something I want online, I put it in my cart and wait a week to see if any codes pop up. Big sites like Madewell, J Crew, and the like always come out with savings codes! Especially on sale items. Once something hits the sale site, they usually offer an additional discount on top of the sale.

5. Order your items directly from a store. If you’re shopping online at a site that has store fronts, you will usually always save if you call the store nearest you and place your order through them. Most times if you place your order through an actual store, at the very least they will offer you free shipping.

6. Google. Something as simple as plugging the item you want in Google and then selecting the shopping icon can save you money. This will pull up every online site that is offering the item you want so you can see where you can get it for the cheapest.

7. Sign up for emails. Sign up for newsletters and emails and you’ll almost always get a savings code in your inbox! Lots of sites will send you a code to use on your birthday or for your first purchase.

8. Shop ahead. Once a new season comes along, it seems like everything from the past season goes on sale. Be smart, plan ahead, and shop for next season to save big. Plus, if you live in Southern California like I do, summer never goes out of season!

9. Sign up for teacher and student discounts. Plenty of websites offer student and teacher discounts. All you need is a valid email address!

10. Don’t pay for shipping. Sometimes I want one single cheap item but by the time I plug in shipping, the price has doubled. Check out sites like to save!

What are your best tips for saving money while shopping online? If you  have any to add to the list, leave us a comment and let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.