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Tips On Getting Your Kids To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

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For some, getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can prove to be extremely difficult. Some kids may love them, but some may hate them. While my little guy loves fruit, vegetables are another story. I’ve had to be sneaky and creative when it comes to giving him his daily dose of leafy greens. As some of you may be in the same boat, we’re sharing some great tips on getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

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1. Keep offering them. If your child says no to a certain fruit or vegetable, simply keep offering it to them. Even just a small portion of them on the side of your plate. It may just be a matter of time before they try it and love it.

2. Freeze them. Chocolate candy isn’t the only thing that tastes great when it’s frozen. Vegetables like peas taste great when they’re frozen, too. Doing something as simple as freezing a vegetable might be the only thing you need to do to get your child to taste them.

3. Drink them. Making smoothies has been the best way I’ve been able to get my son to eat vegetables like carrots and spinach. Juicing and blending fruits and vegetables can create some really delicious drinks. If your children are old enough, let them use the juicer o blender themselves! A simple thing like a new cup can also make things a little more special.

4. Set a good example. Set a good example for your children by eating lots of healthy fruits and vegetables yourself. Children tend to copy what they see you do, rather than what you tell them to do. If you’re constantly snacking on cookies and candies, your children are going to want to do the same.

5. Make dips. You can make your own delicious dip or just buy some hummus, and have your kids dunk carrots, cucumbers, and other cold veggies into it!

6. Sneak them into things. Find something your child likes, be it a sandwich, soup or even pancakes, and add fruits and veggies!

7. Stock the house. Keep your house stocked full of healthy fruits and vegetables and don’t leave candy jars and snacks out. Why would a picky toddler choose to eat vegetables when there’s so much candy sitting around? For older children, like preschoolers and upwards, keep the fruit where they can reach. That way when they say “I’m hungry!” you can direct them to the fruit bowl.

8. Offer a variety. When presented with more than two options, children tend to pick the lesser of the two evils. So at dinnertime, for example, offer roasted carrots and sweet potatoes and see which one they prefer. At lunch, try broccoli and asparagus and see which one wins.

9. Get the kids cooking. If your children become involved with planning and prepping dinners, they’ll be more interested in eating what they’ve created. Take them to the store, let them help push the cart, makes choices in the foods you take home, and with helping you make simple parts of the family meal.

10. Make up stories. Be creative with your little one! Make up cute names for the vegetable, or tell your child that their favorite TV character loves it. HO about making up a story up about the vegetable? You’d be surprised but I bet your child might be more into broccoli if they think Mickey Mouse eats it for dinner every night.

What tips and tricks do you use to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables they don’t want to try? If you’ve got any suggestions for us, leave us a comment below!

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Jessica Welle

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

love the tips! One more that I use is to give my daughter "who loves pasta" the kind that is made of vegetables.

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