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Spring Clean to Find What Sparks Joy

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I have a huge case of the Winter Blues. My house is a disaster from the overflow of toys (that my kids don’t need) (or want), things have been rearranged and “put somewhere” due to a tornado, I mean, my toddler, and after watching an episode of Hoarders, I suddenly have the urge to purge. I’ve made a To-Do list (cause that’s what I do) to effectively get to the many projects that consume my life and every ounce of free time.

How To Create a Fresh Start for Spring

1. Purge!

Go through every room in the house ONE ROOM AT A TIME. I’ve gone the bored route before (bored route = randomly clean and try to organize multiple rooms at a time) but that always leads to multiple messes that ultimately overwhelm my somewhat-OCD personality. Purging one room at a time contains the mess and isn’t as overwhelming when a kid, diaper changes or dishes pull you away.

2. Donate or Yard Sale

About once a year we have a yard sale and every year I swear I will never do another one. I’m not a morning person; I loathe hanging signs and cringe when my favorite items are negotiated down to $1. But, when you purge your entire house (and especially when you have toys to get rid of), it might be worth the time, energy and emotions to try and get some of that money back. Hey, toys are expensive and if your kids are like mine, the novelty of the newest, got-to-have trend wears off in a matter of weeks. If you have less stuff (lucky you) or don’t have the time? donate your items and get the tax write-off or to an organization that can benefit from your past treasures.

3. Surrender

I’m coming to grips that I must surrender my desire to decorate (and live like a picture out of a Pottery Barn magazine) in order to eliminate additional stress. My toddler is the true definition of a monkey- climbing, destroying for no apparent reason, eating objects that fall on the floor and climbing the walls. I am learning to store away my favorite decorations to gain sanity. He won’t be 1 forever, right! Right?

4. Vamp your Sanctuaries

Where are your favorite spots in your house? Mine are my living room and bathroom. I’m planning to paint a wall, yes just ONE wall, in the living room to enhance and brighten up my favorite spot to sit and read or write. I might add another color or pattern to the room, too. Maybe new curtains, throw pillows or a new picture. As for the bathroom, I’m thinking new candles and new bath towels. Maybe I’ll start enjoying a bubble bath again…

5. Change out The Family Wall

Most people have a picture wall, pictures hanging or sitting on a shelf. I need to admit that I haven’t changed out any of my pictures in almost 2 years. A lot has changed in 2 years, like, I have another child. I know fresh pictures will snap me out of this slump.

6. Garden

I have a black thumb. I cannot keep a single plan alive. But if you can, start a garden! It doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, you can pot some herbs and stick them in your kitchen window. You can re-pot or plant new flowers in your yard. Lucky for me, my husband takes care of the gardening and outside vegetation so I can bring some flowers inside when I need a vase of happiness on my table.

7. Be Realistic

I have big, huge, ideas that pop into my head daily. I also have three kids, a house, and a job and need this little thing called sleep. Putting realistic expectations in place is a must.

What are you doing to prepare for spring?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.