Strider Balance Bike Review


Strider Balance Bike ReviewHello, friends! It’s spring! Time to get outside and get some fresh air! If you’re looking for a new training bike for your toddler, look no further. I’m here today to tell you all about the Strider Balance Bike. This review is based on over 18 months of usage from my son.pushing

Strider Balance Bike

In essence, a balance bike is a small, low-to-the-ground two wheel bike that does not have pedals. The rider pushes the ground with their feet to propel the bike forwards. Balance bikes are thought to promote balance and coordination, and often times, eliminate the need for training wheels. Balance bikes are very simple by design. There are no gears, chains, pedals, brakes, or accessories.


My son first got his Strider Balance Bike for his second birthday. He was on the young side of using one, but was very excited about the bike itself. He spent a few weeks just pushing it around the house before he felt comfortable taking it outside.

He is very cautious by nature, so for many months, he would simply walk the bike. His hands were on the handles and his feet on the ground, and he basically walked with the bike between his legs. Finally, he started to increase his confidence and would slowly glide the bike on the sidewalk. Now, he is cruising down the path with ease! It is incredible to watch and to know where he started. I have noticed his balance has increased tremendously since riding his Strider bike.

Strider bikes are designed to grow with the rider. The seat is adjustable – my son was on the lowest setting when he got it at age 2, and still has a solid six or more inches before the seat is lifted to the tallest height. Strider says most kids will fit this bike beyond 5 years of age! The 12 inch tires are “no-flat” – they are EVA polymer. The entire bike itself is less than 7 pounds!


I can’t recommend the Strider balance bike enough. My son has built up so much confidence over the last 18 months learning to ride this bike, and I know that when the time comes (but not too fast, please!) he will be ready for his “big kid” two wheel bike!

The Sport Strider Bike is currently on sale on for $109.

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