Ten Easy Summer Crafts

Despite every store across the country being slammed with back to school sales, there is still over a month left of summer! Summer is easily my favorite season. I love being outside in the sunshine as often as possible and have (hopefully!) passed that love on to my kids.

My son just turned 3 this past week and in the last few months has really become interested in crafting. While I love the idea of arts and crafts, it’s not my strongest area of motherhood and I tend to shy away from them. But, because of his new-found love, I have spent a lot of time looking up simple, easy crafts we can do together. What better theme than summer, am I right? Here’s ten great, easy summer crafts – bubble snakes are our favorite!

Thumbprint Flower Pot

thumbprint flower pot


Paper Plate Flower

paper plate flower

Cupcake Liner Ice Cream Print

cupcake liner ice cream cone

Giant Paper Popsicle

paper popsicle

Toilet Paper Roll Octopusoctopus

Bubble Snakes

sock bubble snakes

Moon Sand

moon sand

Sponge Sailboats

sponge sailboats



Paper Spinners

paper spinners

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