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Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review

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I love video monitors. In fact, a good video monitor is always on our must-have list for new and expecting parents because they allow you to peek on your sleeping baby without a squeaky door giving you away.  They also enable you to determine that the crying you hear is due to tantrum and not injury, all while monitoring your baby.

Today, I want to introduce you to a brand new video monitor by Summer Infant that has some fantastic features for both parent and baby.

Meet the Baby Pixel by Summer Infant.

Summer Infant Baby Pixel

This new video baby monitor allows parents to see, hear and know baby is okay when you are not in the room.

The Baby Pixel comes with an easy-to-hold parent unit and a camera that gives a fantastic, clear image. You can add up to 4 cameras to monitor with your one parent unit. When you add additional cameras, you have the option to view any of the rooms with a camera individually or via an 8-second auto-rotation between rooms.

Baby Video Monitor

Let’s start with the 5” color, LCD, touch screen parent unit. This handheld unit has a 1,000 foot range so you’ll be able to see your baby no matter where you are in your house.  It easily fits in your hand (it’s about the size of an iPhone 8+) and has a flip out kickstand so that you can set it down anywhere and still see and hear your baby.

I love that you can completely control the camera with your parent unit, find out the temperature of the nursery, talk to your baby, zoom in and get a closer look or even rotate the camera to get a different view in the room.

On the upper right hand corner of the parent unit, you can see the temperature of the room with the camera, reception level, which camera you are viewing and battery life. On the left, the time is displayed.

On the top of the parent unit, you have a menu button, moonlight button, a video button to turn on-off the screen and zoom and the touchscreen camera steering button.

Best Video Monitors

When the nursery is dark, if you press and hold down the moonlight button, a small LED light will illuminate on the camera to give you a temporary better view of your baby. This takes your standard black and white nighttime vision and turns it into color. It’s really amazing! (Watch the video to see that in action!)

Baby Pixel Moonlight Feature

Need a different view of the nursery? Just hold down the 360 tilt camera steering button and you can control the camera viewing position by tilting the parent unit backwards and forward and side to side.

If you press the camera steering button just once, little arrows will appear on the screen and you can steer the camera that way as well.

Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor

If you press the menu button, there are 8 icons.

Summer Infant Video Monitor

Here’s what those icons do:

  • Moonlight Brightness Adjustment: You can adjust the brightness of that moonlight LED light to get a better picture of you baby in a dark room.
  • Add Additional Cameras
  • Temperature and Time Adjustment: Adjust the time and whether you want to view the temperature in fahrenheit or celsius.
  • Brightness: Adjust brightness of the screen
  • Talk Back Feature: Hold that icon down and you can talk to you baby like a walkie talkie.
  • SleepZone Virtual Boundary: This feature is designed to alert you when any object crosses through this “boundary box” on your parent unit screen. There are two box sizes to choose from and you can adjust what you want to keep in the boundary with your camera steering. This is great for when baby stands up or even tries to climb out of the crib.
  • VOX: This will turn on your screen when it is in power save mode when the camera picks up a sound with the camera.
  • Nightlight: This icon turns on a red or blue subtle nightlight on your camera.

Overall, I adore this new video monitor. It is packed with all the must-have features that I look for in a good video monitor plus extras like the SleepZone Virtual Boundary.

If you are looking for a video monitor for your baby (or toddler!), the Summer Infant Baby Pixel is available now and retails for a very reasonable $199.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.