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Walt Disney World’s T-Rex Restaurant Review

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On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, my family and I ate the T-Rex restaurant, located in Downtown Disney and we had a blast!  It’s perfect for the whole family: kids will LOVE it, and the food was great!

TRex Entrance

As you can probably already tell by the photo above, T-Rex Restaurant is owned and operated by the same lovely folks at Rainforest Café. It’s basically the same concept except this restaurant is packed full of all your kids’ favorite dinosaurs. Every 15 minutes there is a meteor shower that kids go nuts for! The lights go off, the stars above shine brightly, the animatronic dinosaurs come to life, the works!

Here’s a peak inside the restaurant for you to give you a better idea:

TRex Bar

We had reservations here and didn’t wait at all. Please do yourselves a favor and make all of your dining reservations prior to arriving at Disney World. Many, many times you will not be able to eat if you don’t have a reservation.

TRex Entrance

There is a huge gift shop inside as well as a Build A Dino. Think Build A Bear, but dinosaurs.

TRex Inside

My almost four year old son was mesmerized in this restaurant. He thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen!


Now let’s talk food: it was outstanding! Disney really do know how to do it right. I’m a vegan and allergic to gluten, so basically I am normally a chef’s worst nightmare. Every time we sat down at a restaurant and I informed our server of my allergies they happily brought out the head chef for me to talk to. He provided me with a handful of delicious options that fit my diet restrictions. When we ate at T-Rex I really just felt like a big salad, and boy did I get one! The salad was loaded with beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and tasted incredible.

TRex Salad

See?! How good does that look! My husband had a steak and mac and cheese combo that he continued to talk about the entire trip. The burgers all looked huge and the little ones will love chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. The menu offered a large selection so there is sure to be something that everyone loves, and the prices are very reasonable.

TRex Pudding

Don’t leave T-Rex without getting your child (or yourself) the dino pudding. Chocolate pudding, crushed up oreos, and gummy dinos on top. My son thought this was the best thing of his life and he was probably right!

Everyone in our group loved the entire experience at the T-Rex Restaurant, so I would highly recommend it to any friends visiting Walt Disney World!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.