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  1. I’m not a mom, I’m not even a woman nor a parent – but yes…. especially No. 4. Thank you. And also, yes to dessert any day of the week. And wine. Yes, wine is a good idea.

  2. I was all ready to give you praise for this. I really was. Then I read your bio. I can’t abide a person who doesn’t like buffalo wings.

  3. BRILLIANT! I l love you’re spunk. I am completely laughing my ass off! Especially at 2,4. and 6! I will admit. I’m guilt of number one but in my heritage the kids take home something at parties. Granted, I think it’s become a competition between parents of my son’s birthday is way better than yours but I think it’s fun to have a goody bag filled with treats not toys and play games for prizes. Other than that, right on sister you hit it right on the mark.

  4. Mandy – from one parent to another – awesome. Very refreshing and I laughed my ass off. Couldn’t agree with you more. As parents, relax and enjoy the ride. The kids are not going to be perfect, but love them, read to them, and care for them and the rest falls into place. Thank you.

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