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Teen Room Tour Reveal

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Thanks to for sponsoring our Home Tour Series.

Most of you know that we moved a few months ago to a brand new house. We’ve been busy since then getting settled in the house so that we could welcome you inside with another Baby Gizmo Home Tour Series. While we have so much more to do, we have gotten to a comfortable place to invite you inside to take a peek around.

We teamed up with for a multi-video YouTube series that shows you inside our home, the choices we made and some of our favorite things right now.

As not to overwhelm you, we are going to post new home tour videos every 2 weeks, and Savannah’s teen room is up first! Why? It was the first room completed and ready to show! 🙂

Savannah is 14 now and she wanted her room to be colorful (lots of pink!) and girly. She didn’t want a specific theme this time (her last room had a “Paris” theme) but a room that just felt happy.

While keeping to a budget and re-using as much furniture and bedding as we could, I think we succeeded in creating a happy space for her.


Teen Room Beddys

We purchased her full-size bed from the Pottery Barn Outlet about 5 years ago, and while I don’t remember the name of it, I do know that it is now discontinued. Maybe that’s why we bought it for a steal at the outlet?

Either way, we decked out her bed with her Beddys bedding from her last room because she still loves it and it works perfectly for her room. Her particular bedding is called “Perfectly Miss Matched Girls Room” and is currently on sale on the Beddy’s website. If you’d like to find out more about why we love Beddy’s, watch her unboxing video here.


On both sides of her bed is an adorable, yellow dresser and matching yellow bookcase that we picked up from…yep, you guessed it…Pottery Barn Outlet. We couldn’t help ourselves. We knew that the bright yellow would give the room the burst of color she was looking for.

The taller armoire dresser on the opposite wall from the bed is from Land of Nod and we purchased it about 8 years ago. The quality on this dresser is fantastic so we plan to use it for many years to come. FYI – Land of Nod is now called “Crate&Kids” (part of Crate & Barrel) and no longer sells that armoire.


Above her bed is a new piece of “Love Letters” artwork that we were gifted from Oliver Gal. The pink Eiffel Tower is a throwback to her old room but the pink fits perfectly in this new room. The lights (what teen girl doesn’t like to cover their room in twinkle lights, amIright?) over the art work are from Pier One.

Oliver Gal Wall Art Decor

Now, let’s get to the windows. She has a large set of windows in her room and we framed them with dark pink curtain panels to compliment the barn door (which we’ll show you in a second). Since she likes a dark room while she sleeps, we added Premium 2 1/2” Wood Blinds in White 191 with a cordless lift so that she didn’t have to worry about strings to pull them up or put them down. (Even though this doesn’t pertain to her, the cordless lift is great for baby safety since it eliminates the strangulation hazard of window covering cords.) has something for every window, great customer service and fantastic prices, so if you’d like to check them out, head over to their website at

Teen Room

The desk is from Pottery Barn kids and pink chair is vintage Target. Okay, maybe 5 years old doesn’t make it “vintage” but I don’t think it’s sold in stores anymore.


Savannah doesn’t have the largest closet in the house (she got her own bathroom instead) so we got a little creative when it came to creating more closet space. When we were building the house, we told the builder not to put a door on this closet because we were going to remove it anyway. A closet door would have just taken up usable space in the closet when it opened and closed so we thought a barn door would be perfect. Instead of buying a pre-built barn door, we made our own from scratch and painted it pink. Yep, we even have a video on that if you are thinking of tackling a DIY barn door project.

DIY Barn Door

Other notable decor in her room is her American Girl collection on top of her armoire dresser, a grey cork framed mirror from Pottery Barn Teen and a fuzzy, pink chair we picked up from Walmart years ago for $15.

If you’d really like an up close and personal tour of the room, make sure you watch our video above.

Disclosure: Thanks again to for sponsoring our Home Tour Series. If you’d like more information or to know where we purchased any of the items we talked about, click on the black links above. Affiliate links may have been used on some of them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.