Ten Reasons Why Having 3 Kids Is Better Than 2


One of my great friends is unexpectedly pregnant with her third child. Even though I’m sure she knows it’s possible every time you step up to the plate, she is a little overwhelmed by this new pregnancy because she thought they “were done with two kids.”

She just found out this weekend and is kind of freaking out a bit A LOT! She will have 3 kids under 5 and needs a little encouragement. Since I have three crazy kids myself, she has a great sense of humor and I couldn’t imagine our family without my adorable, tow-headed, clown of a third child, I thought I would put a list together of Ten Reasons that 3 Kids is Better than 2.

10. With three kids you increase your odds that at least one kid will be looking at the camera and not crying in every photo!



9. With three kids, it is more likely that at least ONE will like you later in life.


She was an only child at one point!
She was an only child at one point!

8. They always have more than one to blame things on without pointing fingers at each other.



7. Keeps your mind sharp trying to call out the right name. Yeah, I thought three names starting with an “S” was a good idea until I started stuttering all day long trying to get the correct name out.



6. Keeps you a more patient person. You get to wait longer for a table for five in a restaurant.



5. Two is a pair and three is a gang. Guess which one gets picked on less?



4. Zone defense? I call it survival mode. Just know when to wave the white flag. Oh wait, this was supposed to be why 3 is better. Moving on…



3. You’ll have two other kids to help out. Hopefully. Okay, maybe just one.


Photo Credit: Fark.com
Photo Credit: Fark.com

2. You are already an old pro. With the first one, you just hope to do it right. The second, you hope that other moms think you are doing it right. The third, you don’t give crap. You ARE doing it right!



1. It is just one more amazing, wonderful, beautiful and fabulous little person to love.




  1. You beat me to this!! I’ve been knocking around the same topic for a while now… and with 2 teens and a Tween I’m fully convinced. 3 is better than 2. 🙂 Good luck to your friend.

  2. My mom just gave my husband a talk about why 2 is better than 3. She said look at how everything is designed, four chairs around a table, four of this, four of that. You have to buy the other chairs extra. What she doesn’t know is that I already have six chairs and a leaf for my table!

  3. I so get it! We have four under the age of six. It’s crazy, insane, and beautiful all at the same time. I can’t imagine life without our four littles. Good luck to your friend!

  4. I have three under two! It’s very challenging but in the end a complete blessing. I have a cousin who had her three kids very close in age and now that they’re older they are so close and hang out together all the time. I can’t wait to see my three like that.

  5. I had four kids in five years. (No multiples, we were just crazy enough to decide that we wanted four kids and that 18-20 months was a great age gap. We have our share of chaos, but we weren’t wrong.) I can confidently tell you that having kids close in age is great for them. My kids love to play together, no one gets left out too much, and my oldest and my baby can play together nicely without it being a chore. Going back to the baby stage may feel overwhelming (with babies 3 and 4 I had moments of “I have toddlers now, what do I do with a newborn?” panic) but it’s easy to jump back in to things. For me, going from 2 to 3 was easier than 1 to 2. I already knew how to divide my attention and multitask, and my older two were happy to go play by themselves while I took care of the baby or pumped. The best part? The more kids you have, the funnier they are. They learn to fight for attention and as long as there isn’t too much negative reinforcement, their attention seeking will tend toward the hilarious and adorable. My younger two are both very adventurous, very sweet, and very goofy.

  6. These are great. I “feel” for your friend. I had 5 DAUGHTERS under 9 and I survived to tell about it (well, my youngest is 7 so I’ve got a few more years to be sure, lol). Big family’s are fun, there is always someone to play with when no friends are available, there are more toys to play with because you have your siblings’ stuff, too, you outnumber your parents so it’s easier to get away with things… oh wait, I don’t think I’m helping here. haha


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