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Halloween Children’s Costume Ideas

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Dressing up, loads of candy, it doesn’t surprise me that Halloween is a favorite among little ones. We’ve brought you Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women, babies and families. Today, we’re sharing some great costumes for kids just incase your kids still need some help deciding what they would like to be.

disney olaf costume

Olaf- from $36.33 If you’ve got Frozen lovers in your house, this Olaf costume from will be perfect for either a boy or girl!

mickey mouse toddler costume

Mickey Mouse- from $22.79 Dress your little ones up as one of their favorite cartoon characters! Dressing up as Mickey or Minnie is also very DIY friendly, so you may be able to recreate this costume yourself.

young girl in incredibles costume

Incredibles- $26.99 There are so many great Incredibles costumes for the whole family, here is one for your little girl!

toddler boy dressed as ninja turtle

Ninja Turtle- $19.99 My sons choice of a costume this year. This one comes in at a great price but can also be made yourself if you’ve got green clothes and the turtle mask lying around your house already!

toddler girl dressed as a green crayon

Crayon- $19.99 Let your child pick their favorite color, these crayon costumes from Halloween Costumes come in every color.

tween girl dressed as a mermaid

Mermaid- from $23.19 Little girls will love dressing up like Ariel or any mermaid!

young boy in pizza costume

Pizza Slice- from $18 This adorable pizza slice is fun, silly, and totally gender neutral.

young girl in Elsa dress

Elsa dress – from $23.97 We’re pretty sure there’s going to be several Elsa’s walking around on October 31st!

toddler boy in spiderman costume

Spiderman – from $23.99 Have a spiderman fan at home? He’ll love dressing up as his favorite superhero!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.