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Thank You Gift Ideas For Your Birth Team

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If you’re anything like me, the people who attend your birth are among some of your favorite individuals on earth. They saw you at one of your most vulnerable moments and cared for you despite all the craziness! Birth workers loved on you and your baby when you needed a gentle hand and an understanding smile. Pretty much, midwives, doulas, doctors and nurses are angels. And, for that, they deserve a thank you!

The women (and men!) I know in the birth community are often most touched by a thoughtful card and kind word, but it’s nice to include a little gift to show your appreciation too. Whether you want to thank the doula who talked you through each contraction or the doctor who caught your baby, they’ll surely love one of these thoughtful gifts!

Homemade Treats — Don’t underestimate the power of something yummy! Whip up a dessert and package it pretty for your birth team to enjoy individually or together in their break room.

Doctor or Wellness Kit — Think of something your provider might like in their office to entertain future families and their children. This wood doctor kit and this felt one are both precious! Midwives would probably love this apothecary set as well!

Motherhood Print — Katie m. Berggren creates gorgeous art inspired by motherhood. There are a variety of sizes and options available. Choose a card or have a larger one framed for their office or appointment room.

Gift Cards — They seem less personal, but really, who doesn’t love a gift card? Think of your birth team and what they might like most. Coffee? A local grocery store? Amazon?

Birth Related Storybooks — Another option for your provider’s waiting room. Our family has loved God Gave Us Two and a breastfeeding one we like is Nursies When the Sun Shines. Or, consider what big brother/big sister books your kids enjoyed as they prepared for baby. Inscribe the inside of the book and add a photo of your family if you like!

Think Fresh and Local — Consumables are always a nice gift. Gather a bundle from your garden and gift it in a pretty basket or choose a collection of wine, cheese, and crackers. If you preserve foods, gift a collection of canned goods, jams, and/or jerky. Be creative! Your birth workers will love something so heartfelt!

Plants — Skip a bouquet and gift a plant that can grow… just like your family has!

Audiobooks — With odd hours and travel time, birth workers spend a lot of time on the go. Share one of your favorite audiobooks or gift a subscription to Audible so they can choose their own book.

Massage or Pedicure — They’ll love the opportunity to relax!

Thoughtful Review — Help them grow their business with a kind review online or through social media. That will speak volumes! Don’t forget to tag them and include a photo if you can.

Did you give your birth team a gift after they helped you welcome your little one into the world? What did you decide on?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.