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  1. I would have no less love for my wife after giving her an enema and if anything would love her even more for the trust she showed – even if she pooped on me – which should not happen if you administer the enema correctly. How do I know , well I rank cleansing the bowels of your significant other as one of the highest acts of love , signs of trust and enhancements to intimacy. I have administered several enemas to girlfriends over the time. Why not? Constipation is very common , especially among women, indicated by laxatives (along with painkillers) being the biggest sellers in the pharmacies. Laxatives are the worst punishment to inflict on your gut and only weakens it over time tending to be habit forming which makes you unhappy and poor and the pharmacy happy and rich. Not so the proper mild soap can/bag and colon tube enema (NOT the disposable fleet variety) properly prepared and given – which promotes good bowel function. All said girlfriends were grateful and asked me for repeat treatment on regular basis, some calling me their private doc, and then some returned the favor and became my nurse. It always promoted a beautiful open and caring relationship which is why I find stories like the one above quite amusing. People have hangups about enemas, there’s no doubt about that, but it usually goes back to an early experience which often wasn’t ideal. If there is a level of trust that story can be rewritten and your relationship can move to a whole new depth of intimacy when you know your partner is there for you even when you are pooping thunder after a large enema they have just given you – and yes, they had a good look at your anus and everything else while doing so! After all its part of you – the person they love – and they also have one! They may even find it to be a bonding process. Or they could even get turned on as one of my girlfriends confessed about giving me enemas! Mothers you saw everything and witnessed everything about your children and if anything that makes you closer to them does it not? Also I have to say the idea of my significant other carting kilos of poop around in their bowels 24/7, especially when backed up, quite unromantic and am very willing to help them “come clean”. Sure ,anything can be taken to excess but a parting tip here is that you may find adopting this healthy and hygienic practice between you absolutely transforms your sex life and makes more babies! (It promotes fertility among many other benefits). Bottoms up!

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