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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t. We made it years ago and didn’t keep the measurements. Annnddd…we just sold it last year so I can’t even measure it. Sorry about that.

    1. Thanks, Jesse! It took a while to make but it was totally worth it! We are pretty proud of our work. 🙂

  1. Ok, that is one super awesome, stellar bed. I am so impressed. Just looking at these photos makes me tired and incapable. lol.

  2. Yes! My husband & I made a Lego table for my boys…made from a coffee table, so it’s a nice size. But it’s not just a Lego table. We put 1 inch sides around it so I could put another board in it. On one side of the board, I painted a road map for driving cars around on and the other side is painted with whiteboard paint for drawing! 🙂 It looks awesome!

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