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  1. My son would not latch when he was born so we were forced to go to formula. at 4 weeks we discovered that he was also lactose intolerant. I switched him to soy formula and he was perfect. When it came time to start weaning from the formula I switched him to a mixture of organic soy milk and lactaid with calcium and it was wonderful. I have to say that I Love what the soy did for my son. His digestive system matured rapidly and at 2 my son is a lean mean muscle machine. The soy has helped with his muscle development so much that he is four times stronger than he should be. He can easily support his body weight and he is almost 55 lbs. He is very lean and eats like a horse! I have KEPT him on the soy for the most part and also introduced cows milk after he turned 2 and he is handling that very well. I fully intend to use soy formula soy milk for our next baby from the beginning. I am just so amazed with the development soy aids!

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