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Our Travel with Kids Wish List vs. Reality

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If you’ve traveled with kids before, you know that you have to be prepared. The waiting, the sitting in your seats, the confined space, it’s all a bit pretty much a parent’s worst nightmare. What we want to bring and what our kids want to bring are two very different things. Add that to what we can actually bring on our travels? Well, it’s really a recipe for disaster.

Someone remind me why we do it? Oh yeah, that vacation light at the end of the tunnel. It better be worth it, buddy.

So today we’re talking about mom’s travel wish list, the child’s wishes, and then what we actually get in reality. Oh, reality. How you love to come and slap me right in the face.


Mom’s Wish List #1 – a taxi/limo divider window. 

Anyone else feel like an underpaid and underappreciated chauffeur most days? If we could get a sound-proof divider window in the rental car, that would be gold. Do they rent taxis to families?! I smell a new business venture. Someone get on that!

taxi window

Kids’ Wish List #1 – A Minivan Rental Car

Meet my 5 year old- this kid has as serious obsession with minivans because of the auto-sliding doors. We don’t have a minivan and probably never will. Sorry, kid.


REALITY #1 – Economy Car

And minivan rentals are expensive, so after the $1500 worth of airlines seats we had to buy, we will then cram our family of five into an economy car when we reach our destination. I can squeeze all our luggage into this, right?!



Mom’s Wish List #2 – Wine. Wine. Wine.

I’m not talking about this kind of whine…


…but this kind of wine! Not for the car, of course, but for the plane. Unfortunately, airlines frown upon a mother corking a bottle of vino while their kids are wreaking havoc on the plane.


Kids’ Wish List #2 – Cupcakes

Yes, my kids asked me on the last trip if we could bring cupcakes on the plane. Ummm…no.


REALITY #2 – Snack Bags

Yep, this is mom making a bazillion of these snack bags so that we can hopefully avoid the overpriced crap at the airport and on the road.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still crap, but it is cheaper crap because I’m bagging it myself. Plus, I figure that if their mouth is chewing, perhaps they can’t be yelling or fighting, right? RIGHT?!?!



Mom’s Wish List #3 – Earplugs and Eye Mask

Again, airlines frown upon a mom with earplugs in and an eye mask on, taking a nap while her kids are kicking the backs of seats, schmooshing cupcakes into the seats, blasting Frozen on their iPads and walking up and down the aisles high-fiving people for no reason. A big, old, fat sorry to me because this isn’t going to happen!

Kids’ Wish List #3- Pillows and Blankets Galore!

This is what it looks like while we are packing! The kids think all the damn pillows in the house are coming with us. Sorry, kiddos, if mama isn’t overly comfy, then neither are you!


REALITY #3 – One Pillow/Blanket Combo per Kid

I actually love these a lot so it’s hard to make fun of them. The Skip Hop Travel Blanket is a 2-in-1 pillow and blanket that is perfect for on the go!



Mom’s Wish List #4 – Bingo Cards

The only reason this is on my wish list is so that I can show my kids what I had to travel with in the car when I was young. No fancy-schmancy electronics. Just a cardboard Bingo game. And we didn’t dare complain about it or mom just might pull over and lets out. For real. 80s kids.


Kids’ Wish List #4 – Entire Game Consoles

My son thinks we can somehow travel with the entire game console AND a 42″ TV to play it on. Hey, let’s just bring the whole electronic department of Target while we’re at it!


REALITY #4 – iPads.

Yes, iPads are the new answer to a babysitter while traveling with kids. Don’t judge. Just get on board.

We just bring the iPads and load them up with movies, games and TV shows. I also make sure my 5 year old has one with a very kid-friendly, drop-friendly case on it like KaysCase KidBox Case.



Mom’s Wish List #5 – A Babysitter/Cook

If Angelina Jolie gets to travel with nannies and cooks, why shouldn’t I? Oh, because I’m not Angelina, I’m not rich, and a traveling babysitter that just happens to be a World Class Chef costs a mint!

Kids’ Wish List #5 – Olaf

What kid wouldn’t want Olaf as their travel companion? He sings, he’s funny and dreams of living somewhere warm! At least you’ll hear “Summertime” for the 1000th time instead of “Let It Go” for the bazillionth time!


REALITY #5 – Each other

Sorry, guys! You’re stuck with just me and I’m stuck with you (well, and dad!). But for some reason, I always get over your whiney madness through our traveling adventures and do it again and again… 🙂


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.