Travel Review: Bishop’s Park in Fulham, London

I’m currently visiting my family in my hometown of London, England, and things are different now that I have kids. My 1.5 year old son and 3.5 year old daughter don’t want to know about the restaurants and coffee shops mommy loved to hang out in when she was young, they want to run around in an open space! Today we visited Bishop’s Park in Fulham which is pretty much their outdoor dream.

In one area of this large park, you can find all of the following:

  • A water play zone
  • A “beach” (a huge sand area)
  • A lake, which is beautiful and great for duck spotting (no swimming or paddling allowed for people)
  • Separate playgrounds for toddlers and older kids that are enclosed (love that!)
  • A little café that sells drinks, ice-cream, and small British meals (like a baked potato with cheese etc)


Bishop Park Playground
Photo source: A mum in London

My children had such a great time today, even though the water play zone wasn’t working, the toddler playground area was a huge hit! There were swings, slides, a merry-go-round, a seesaw, a train, animal statues to climb on, and room for us to have a small picnic.

My daughter enjoyed being pushed on this swing by her friend!
My daughter enjoyed being pushed on this swing by her friend!

London weather is pretty unpredictable, so if you’re looking for summery days, it’s best to visit in late June, July or August. But always bring an umbrella and raincoat just to be sure you won’t get caught out in the rain. As we are visiting in June, the sun was out and we all enjoyed a delicious ice-cream!

The beach in Bishop’s Park

Looking for a piece of British history for older kids? Bishop’s Park sits right next to Fulham Palace, where, at least since Tudor times, the palace was the Bishop of London’s country home, providing the Bishop and his family with a healthy rural retreat in summer months. You can take a tour of the palace and it’s beautiful gardens with your family or check out their exhibitions!

Fulham Palace, London


Bishop’s Park is located on Bishop’s Avenue, Fulham, London SW6 6EA.  At the time of writing, due to technical difficulties, the water play zone was switched off until further notice.