What You REALLY Need On Your Baby Registry

So you are expecting a baby? A beautiful bundle of joy and you are over the moon. But when it is time to make your baby registry, things can get a little overwhelming. How do you go about compiling that list? It it strategic or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Is there a guide most parents follow to make their registry decisions? Most of all, does one size really fit all?

We are here to tell you that we’ve seen the lists. We’ve used the lists. And we’ve ended up with 15 green onesies, 3 bathtubs, 200 pairs of socks, and diaper pail refills for a diaper pail we didn’t get. We’re not saying everyone else’s registry list is bad, we’re just saying that sometimes they overload the lists with things you don’t need or won’t use and you end up not getting the stuff you REALLY need.

Today, I sat down to teach you how to make your own list.