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  1. My wife and I received one for a gift and we hate it. Did it cook the food in the recommended time? Yes, however, it had to pre-heat and we still had to wait for over 20 minutes for it vent naturally. It was actually faster for us to just have prepared it in the oven. So much for “instant.” Oh, and why did we vent naturally? Because every time we manually vent it sprays “juice” all over the place and makes a complete mess. The suggestions around this are laughable — throw a towel over it immediately as your venting? This is steam! I can’t believe how dangerous this thing is. And cleaning it is an inconvenience. There are so many parts to take apart and clean, and the rubber ring seal smells so bad even after soaking it in. I’d rather wash a simple pot or pan any day.

  2. From what I have seen, only socker moms who have on time to be at home and cook like it. I do all the cooking
    ( I am a guy) in my house. And nothing I have made has turned out….my old ways work much better. I still have to give it a chance but it’s not looking for the ip…. It cooks with no taste…. If the ip people think this is good food, then they need to come to my house and see what good cooking is realy like….. is this a sine of the times tocome?

  3. I feel the people that love the instant pot are those that have no idea how to cook or have no tastebuds lol. My mom got me one for Christmas because of the rave reviews. She thought it would help me make meals quicker for the kiddos. Well it did the opposite. Takes FOrEVER to cook anything. My kids are usually screaming from being hungry by time this thing it done. And then they pretty much refuse to eat what’s made. Mind you I am a no-need-for-a-recipe cook and my kids love roasted broccoli and carrots. The IP in my IMO is an overly hyped, waste of space appliance. I am properly returning it. I’m glad to find like mind people aka #IPhaters lol

  4. Thank GOD someone has written this. I hate hate hate this thing. Out of 10 times of use I have only had on successful meal from this thing. It’s always throwing the “burn” warning right before it gets to pressure. Seriously?!?!?!? I waited 20 minutes for pressure to build only to get a burn notice, spend 5 minutes realizing pressure and seeing the food is certainly NOT burnt. It’s raw! It is complicated, faulty, slow cooking and really it’s only benefit is saying “yea I have an instant pot”. If you’re here reading these comments deciding if you should get one, don’t. Just get yourself a new pot and pan set.

  5. Amen! And everyone I tell that I hate thinks I’m insane. You precisely hit the nail on the head. I can make everything faster and easier with other methods. Sold mine and I have no regrets

  6. I do all the cooking for my wife and I and got a new Instant Pot 10 the other week and I haven’t used it yet. The more I read on their Facebook page, the more I thought of just returning it without using it since I don’t see any real advantage to it.

    I was hoping to be able to cook dried beans without presoaking so long because it is a so-called pressure cooker but every recipe I see on their Facebook page says to pre-soak overnight. Then there are various recipes for them where the comments say they “came out too hard” …” add more water” … “change the time”. What is easy about that? If I have to soak them overnight, I can put them in a crock-pot and get great results every time!
    I often put a layer of small potatoes, baby carrots, and a roast layered and seasoned in a slow-cooker and it comes out perfectly every time without even having to look at it. The notes I see on recipes on their Facebook page talk about cutting the veggies to right size, so they don’t turn to mush, adjusting pressures and times, etc.

    I can hard boil eggs that are easy to peel perfectly every time on a stove top without messing with settings or “tweaking” anything. The yolk never gets green from overcooking either. I don’t even care it they are fresh eggs. (Some places tell you that older eggs peel easier after hard boiling.) With all the “tips” about making them come out right using the Instant Pot, it seems like building an atomic bomb would be easier!

    From everything I’ve been reading, this thing seems to be a solution that is hunting for a problem.

    I tried posting the above comments on their Facebook page and the moderator rejected it, saying it would “result in too many negative comments!” In other words…They only allow positive stuff!

    I suppose if you don’t know any better, you will think it’s a great thing. I’m returning mine tomorrow but at least I didn’t use it first. Let some other sucker buy it.

    1. Yes same!! I hate the IP, mine is going back and the group I belonged too only allowed positive comments so not a member anymore when I posted that I hated the IP!! What a ridiculous machine.

  7. I’ve been thrilled with my Power Cooker for about a year now, and finally decided to cave to the Instant Pot hype and “upgrade” my pressure cooker. HA!
    It took nearly twice as long to build pressure, the “keep warm” function is somehow confusing and shuts itself off after 10 hours (I made a stew after work for the next day and fell asleep, woke up to it OFF), another time it switched itself from the HIGH setting of WARM to MEDIUM (which it supposed to be 145 degrees, but when I checked temp with thermometer, it was only 134! gross) Cleaning is so much more tedious than the power cooker, and all those recipes I was intrigued by, need those damn special tools!
    The ONLY things that Instant Pot has that I wish my Power Cooker had, yogurt maker and STAINLESS STEEL INNER POT! that’s it.
    I’ll stick to my Power Cooker with it’s simplicity, efficient design and delicious teflon coating my food 😛

  8. Totally hate this thing! It was given as a gift from someone who “loves” it.
    Husband has made several things in the giant pressure cooker that takes up the counter top. He loves it and what he cooked in it. I did not care for his creations. Ick! I made chicken piccata and found I spent more time using this beast then it would of to make on the stove and less mess! The chicken was chewy string after following the directions completely. Now to wash up the pot without a struggle. I will give it another go on a pot roast. My slow cooker works great on many things. Throw it all in before leaving in the morning and done by dinner.

  9. My “five minute water test” has so far taken over an hour. How long will it take to cook the pot roast for dinner tonight? The cook time says “60 minutes. Should I plan for 2 hours? 3?

    I would be a lot less annoyed if they just SAID it would take so long, instead of saying “five minutes”.

    I agree, someone should sue.

    I think I am going to hate mine as much as you hate yours.

  10. Christina, thank you for your article. Was skeptical about one appliance doing so many things as good as reported, but I ordered one because I believed the lies. Ruined my Christmas week up to New Years fighting with the thing. Had been feeling bad about sending it back until people at UPS store said they see a lot of these going back. My food tastes so much better when I use the correct appliance. I’m not afraid of using my antiquated pressure cooker. Why should I wait 20 minutes for an Instant Pot to come up to pressure when my pressure cooker does it in 5 minutes. My slow cooker makes food taste so much better. My rice cooks perfectly in a pan, and yogurt is a breeze in a yogurt maker. Why oh why did I think that all of the cooking skills I have acquired over the years could be replicated in one pot! Ridiculous!

  11. I have zero extra accessories and use mine just fine. All you need is the manual button and a recipe. It’s the easiest thing ever to use. Set it and leave. Much easier than standing over a stove or heating up the kitchen with an oven. Everything I cook in it turns out wonderful and in 1/2 the time. ????????‍♀️

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