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  1. The 1st sentence was a warning about the swear words in the article , if you mind that kind of stuff , don’t read it , I think its funny and agree with her.

  2. I am one who does not celebrate Halloween. I was always under the impression that if your porch light isn’t on, don’t bother them. It is called respecting others beliefs. No offense to either party.
    I also agree with the previous commenter. Is the crass language really necessary? I have noticed this in several articles. Super disappointed!

  3. I LOVE Halloween and was more than a little disgusted when I was at Target over the weekend and the Christmas items were going up! And last week it was already up at Sam’s Club! I wish they could just wait until Halloween is over as well!

    As much as I love Halloween, I find myself getting more and more irritated at the trick or treaters. No, not the adorable, age appropriate kids for trick-or-treating but rather big brute teenagers showing up in no costume with a king size pillowcase who just hold it out and don’t even say Trick or Treat! Or the kids who try to come back to my house 3 or 4 times and think I don’t recognize them, and finally, moms who are pushing babies (as in under a year old) in a stroller and want candy but have no other child with them who might actually be able to eat the candy. I don’t think their baby, who is barely sitting up on their own and has no teeth, is going to be the one downing Snickers and Kit Kat bars!

    As much as I hate to be the one who turns off the porch lights and won’t hand out candy, that is the point it has come to as it seems to get worse every year and I’d rather not be all irritated by the end of the night!

  4. to AMY HALL–we are all adults here right? I really don’t see the big deal…she’s trying to be funny…

  5. Generally funny article, and I agree with some of the sentiments. But it definitely deterred me from reading future articles on the Baby Gizmo blog. What happened to family friendly?! I wasn’t expecting, nor wanting, to read the crass language. Doesn’t seem up to the classy image that Holly portrays in her reviews, now does it?

  6. I just love Halloween!I have been decorating my home and myself for this FUN time!(for over 45 years!) I am not going to stop this celebration any time soon! BOO and HAPPY HAUNTING!

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