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10 Delicious Halloween Cupcakes

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Halloween is almost here and that means candy, costumes, and Halloween cupcakes. Hollie has shared some great Halloween treats here and here,  and we thought it was time to share some fun cupcakes recipes that would be perfect to make with your kids. Pass these out to family, friends, and neighbors, or take them to your kids classrooms!

halloween cupcakes
Witch Hat
Photo Source: Sandra Espinot Blog

Witch Hat Cupcakes. These adorable cupcakes from Sandra Espinet Blog use an ice cream cone to make them look like a pointy, cackling, witches hat! So clever and creative. These are extra delicious because a yummy cupcake is hiding underneath.

Photo Source: Kids Cooking

Tombstone Cupcake. I’m in love with these cute tombstone cupcakes from Kids Cooking. The only thing better than a cupcake is a cupcake with a Mint Milano on top of it!

Photo Source: Dr Stephanie Smith

Ghost Cupcakes. These adorable ghost cupcakes from Dr Stephanie Smith are sure to be a huge hit with your kids! They even have a little festive pumpkin candy to go on top.

Monster Cupcakes
Photo Source: Yummy Cakes By Lynn

Monster Cupcakes. These sweet yet scary monster Halloween cupcakes from Yummy Cakes By Lynn require some time and creativity, and just look at the result! The cool purple icing that looks like silly string and you could change these up exactly to your liking.

Photo Source: HGTV

Halloween Cupcakes In A Jar. If you’re looking for a unique spin on Halloween cupcakes this year then you’ve got to check out this idea from HGTV. They’re pretty simple to make but look like you spent ages making them. Nobody will know!

Photo Source: The Berry

Pumpkin Cupcakes. Not your average pumpkin cupcakes. These cupcakes from The Berry look so realistic, and I especially love the glittery ones.

Photo Source: Purple Chocolat Home

Frankenstein Cupcakes. I love this friendly spin on the once scary Frankenstein monster from Purple Chocolat Home.  Your kids are bound to love these not so scary monsters and will love helping you create them!

Photo Source: Cupcakes Garden

Zombie Cupcakes. If you’re looking to make cupcakes that are a little spooky this year, then these zombie cupcakes from Cupcakes Garden. would be perfect! The Oreos are scraped off to look like grave stones and these cupcakes are filled with a delicious pumpkin filling!

Photo Source: Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

Jack Skeleton Cupcakes. If your kids are fans of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie then these cupcakes would be perfect to make this year! Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen shows us how to make these layered cupcakes that are just as cute as they are delicious. I love that they are layered with frosting so you get some with every bite.

Photo Source: Disney Diner

Mickey Cupcakes. We are a huge Disney loving family so any excuse I have to make any food that looks like Mickey Mouse, I take! These cupcakes from The Disney Diner are sure to be a hit  going to be a huge hit in my house.

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Hannah Zhou

Tuesday 22nd of October 2013

Halloween is coming up soon and candy is getting boring, we seriously need some new ideas for our Halloween party; and these cupcakes are just perfect for my upcoming Halloween party. I am not very good with baking but some of these cupcakes look pretty simple to make yet delicious. I will definitely try this out!

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