10 Fun Board Games For Families

I have always loved board games. Anytime my family gets together for a holiday or any occasion at all, we bring out the board games and play for hours. Nothing says bonding quite like a good board game. Today I am sharing my top 10 picks for board games for families. I hope this will inspire some of you to start a family game night or something of the sorts!

Baord Games

1. Monopoly. My first choice is the classic Monopoly. Who doesn’t love this game? Everyone gets a job being the banker, the person to pass out the property, etc and all different age groups can play! I know technically Monopoly doesn’t end until there is only one person who isn’t bankrupt but we like to put a time limit on our games when we don’t want to play for 10 hours. The person after that designated time limit is up who has the most money and property is the winner.

2. Candy Land. This is a great pick if you have younger kids. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of a board game to your children and who doesn’t want to win candy at the end?

3. Operation. This is still one of my favorites even though I’m a grown woman. The game is not only incredibly cute, it’s really fun. It will teach kids their body parts and they will have fun playing it, too!

4. Chutes and Ladders. Another classic that everyone will love. Totally appropriate for kids and adults alike. Kids will learn to count spaces and take turns.

5. Twister. While this may not be your typical board game, It’s a great one! This will get everyone up and out of their seat and you may even get a little exercise, too. It’s sure to have everyone laughing the whole time.

6. Clue. There used to only be the traditional version of Clue but now they make a Disney Clue, a Simpsons Clue, and so many others. Pick out your favorite version and play detective.

7. Sorry. Stir up some friendly competition with this classic family game! Kids will learn counting and sportsmanship with this game.

8. The Game Of Life. I always loved playing this when I was a child. I thought it was so fun to pretend and make believe I had this certain job, or this amount of kids. I still like to play it to this day.

9. Cariboo. Players take turns picking cards and unlocking doors in search of colorful balls in this game. It will teach kids letters, numbers, and colors plus shape recognition.

10. Scrabble Junior. This is a great way to teach kids spelling, reading, and following rules. Scrabble is always a great game for adults and this kid version is fun for everyone!


Did I leave your favorite  board game out? Leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite family board game!