10 Ways a Toddler says “I love you”


I love my boys so much! My little man is developing SUCH a personality in his “toddler years.” Here are some ways that I think toddlers are trying to tell us they love us.


1) Throwing an award winning tantrum while you are on a very important phone call or pretty much any other time you just can’t pay attention to them right that second.  I LOVE YOU, WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?”


2) Using you as a tissue/napkin. “Why use that paper towel to wipe the spaghetti off my face, when you have a perfectly good shirt? And boogers? Those go on your jeans of course.”

Yep, that's a boogie.
Yep, that’s a boogie.

3) Taking your wallet and EMPTYING it into the toilet. “Hey Ma, guess what fits in between the lid and the seat? Good thing you got that toilet lock to keep me from playing in it!”


4) “Helping” you clean. “Tidying the living room? Here, let me help you with that.”


5) Backwashing in the last of your drink. “Look, I know you JUST gave me my sippy cup full of milk, but I love sharing with you.”


6) Using your face as a chair. “This spot looks comfy!”

Thanks Husband for being the chair! <3
Thanks Husband for being the chair! <3

7) Pretending to be Hannibal Lecter by giving you “love” bites. I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

We’re working on this…

8) Giving you mini heart attacks. “Look Ma! No hands!”


9) Immediately getting ANY outfit dirty“Stay clean? But I thought doing laundry made you happy!”

Notice the laundry he is sitting on, and the fact that he isn't wearing clothes...
Notice the laundry he is sitting on, and the fact that he isn’t wearing clothes…

10) Refuses the meal you slaved over, instead feeds it to the dog. “It was SO good that I had to let the puppy try it too!”


What are some ways that your kids like to remind you that they love you? Comment below to let us know!