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  2. Love the kitchen and am VERY jealous!!

    My favorite thing to make is pretty much anything with my kids or anything that they love. Currently they’re loving carne asada street tacos.

  3. I love your kitchen! I love cooking just about anything but I just live the smell of bacon on a Saturday morning! We just moved into a great house but oh my are the vertical blinds TERRIBLE!!! I would love love love to replace them with something more modern (like from this century! Ha) fingers crossed!

  4. I love roasting portobello mushrooms and stuffing them with brown-rice risotto with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese!

  5. My favorite thing to make is memories! Corny, but true. I also love to make chicken tikka masala. And bake cookies and brownies.

  6. I love to make anything breakfast! I’m a home daycare provider and cook A LOT for the kiddos! Ha! Today we had French Toast bake w/raisins & sausage baked in. Yummy!

  7. I love to cook, so I honestly can’t say what my favorite thing is. I love many new recipes, and cooking during the holidays. Recently caramelized walnuts, pears, figs. Thai yellow curry, zuccini pasta with lemon garic butter shrimp, seared scallops, roasted brussel sprouts.

  8. everyone here has their own Fav, my Fav is simple old peanut butter and jelly sandwich…I’ll even substitute banana or apple slices for jelly

  9. I love doing crafts with my kids. It may look more like we are making a mess, but I call it making memories 🙂

  10. Reservations. Har har. I am not a huge fan of cooking but I love baking. My best recipe is probably smores pie and it is quite easy!

  11. My favorite things to make in the kitchen are anything sweet! I love baking and of course eating all the sweets. 🙂

  12. Hmmm… I love to cook/make/bake lots of tasty things… I guess my current favorite thing to make in the kitchen is my lemon cornmeal cake.

  13. Gorgeous kitchen, And so big! Living in Brooklyn that type of kitchen is a dream. 🙂 I love to bake banana cake in my kitchen. I have some just out of the oven now!

  14. Woops, totally read that wrong. My favorite thing to make in my kitchen would be cupcakes! Those are always so much fun. Thanks Baby Gizmo!

  15. The favorite thing about my kitchen is the lighting. It’s a really old kitchen that reallly needs a makeover. Thanks so much for this giveaway Baby Gizmo!

  16. I probably get the most satisfaction from making homemade bone broths and then using it in soup. Yum!

  17. I love making homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch for my family. Other than that, I love to bake cookies! 🙂

  18. I love your island in the darker color, my hope is someday when we can buy our own house to have a great island to act as the center of our home!

  19. What a great contest! I love to bake in my kitchen, and the prize would make it possible to make my kitchen more pleasant and pretty to work in.

  20. I LOVE your kitchen back splash!!! You have the most gorgeous kitchen! My husband loves all things white so this would be a dream kitchen for him 🙂

  21. I love making family meals in the kitchen. There’s just something about knowing your family is going to enjoy the same meal together that makes me smile.

  22. I love to cook so I love being in the kitchen. My kitchen is out dated though so I could use a kitchen make over. I’m just in love with your kitchen.

  23. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is Beef stroganoff from scratch. It’s my best meal 🙂 but I like making new things, I’m still learning haha!

  24. I love making anything with pumpkin in it this time of the year, apples and pumpkin recipes…breads, dips, pie.

  25. I am not a very good cook, but I can bake! I love baking chocolate cupcakes with vanilla pudding filling and vanilla icing! So good!

  26. Before kids, I loved to bake. Now I seem to get too distracted and burn things! I do still love making cakepops, but it requires hubby to be home. Otherwise, the crockpot is best!

  27. Your kitchen is so beautiful, I’m very jealous! Someday I hope to have a house that has a gorgeous kitchen like that. Right now I’ll be content to bake my cookies with my boys in my tiny condo’s kitchen 🙂

  28. Favorite thing to make…hard to decide! I love making meals in the kitchen when my 2 1/2 year old daughter is helping. She is amazing to watch as she is learning and eager to help! Although we both enjoy anything that has chocolate in it the most! 🙂

  29. Gorgeous kitchen it looks amazing. I love the color of the flooring with the contrast to the cabinets, very fresh. My favorite thing to make right now is smoked Brisket, it smells amazing all day while it’s cooking and tastes yummy when served at dinner.

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