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12 First Aid Skills You NEED to Know

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Many moons ago, when I worked as a preschool teacher, I took CPR and First Aid certification classes. I found the information helpful and reassuring in case of emergency. I wanted to know how to assist children in my care should the worst happen. Flash forward several years, and now I’m a mom to three little ones of my own.

I find that though I don’t need first-aid skills on a daily basis, they are skills that help me to feel more comfortable allowing my kids to be kids, to take risks and have adventures when playing at the park or at playdates. I’m even more keenly aware of my need for these skills as my son gets older and more bold and courageous. I want to be able to respond quickly and calmly to his bumps, bruises, and accidental injuries.

So here are my recommendations for…

12 First Aid Skills You NEED to Know


Take a class through the Red Cross or an organization like CPR Select, so you stay up to date on the latest research in resuscitation. Julie at shares a great post on the new CPR techniques.

cpr for infants
via CPR Select


It can be really scary when your little one begins choking, especially if you don’t know what to do. Or what if you are home alone with the kids and YOU begin to choke? It’s important to be trained for a quick response. Mayo Clinic has great instructions. Print out an infant choking guide from

choking first aid for infants

Scrapes and Cuts 

Get ready to deal with scrapes & cuts of all kinds with first aid tips from WebMD.


A stomach bug or food poisoning can lead to dehydration and hospitalization pretty quick. Check out Dr. Weil’s tips for dealing with diarrhea.

Sprains & Splints

Playing can be rough on little joints and bones. Make sure you know what to do with this article from Wake Forest Baptist Health.


When your little one gets burned, it’s important to act quickly and appropriately. Stanford Children’s Health has great information on classification and treatment of burns.


If someone is actively drowning, there are several steps to saving them. Jumping in the water should be the last resort, even though it is often our first instinct. Read these steps on how to reach, throw, row, then go. Print out this guide from the Red Cross with activities for kids!

Bug Bites

Especially with summer activities, it’s important to know what to do in case you or your child gets bitten during your adventures. WebMD has a very thorough guide.

little girl fallen off bike first aid
via Kidspot

Bumps & Bruises

Bumps & bruises are bound to happen around the house or on the playground. It’s just a part of childhood. Check out Kidspot for first aid pointers on how to manage childhood falls.


A concussion can be a serious, even life threatening, injury. Make sure you know the signs and symptoms outlined in this article from the Huffington Post.

removing a splinter first aid


Getting splinters seems to come with the territory where kids are concerned. How To Expect has some great insights as to the best methods for removing and treating those pesky pieces of wood.

Toxins & Poisons

One of the biggest household dangers is the possibility of poisining. The CDC has some great information about poison prevention, and Baby Gizmo has a very informative video about how to store medications!

Looking for more first aid tips and tricks? Check out our suggestions for What Should Be In Your First Aid Kit At Home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.