14 No Candy Valentines

Do you dread holidays that revolve around candy?

You and me both, mama. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, teachers aren’t big fans of the candy overload either. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little treat. After all, it’s important for little ones to learn about making wise choices with sweets. But really … let’s balance the candy with some other fun Valentine surprises! I hope these fun ideas will get your creativity flowing as we countdown to February 14th!


Have a ball this Valentine’s Day!

Or, “You Make My Heart Bounce!”


I Think You Are Just Write!

Perfect for school, by February a fresh pencil is definitely in order.

glow stick

Your Friendship Brightens My Day!

Glow sticks for the win!


Sip! Sip! Hooray! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Everyone loves a funky straw!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovebug!

This is my favorite, probably because of the mason jar background <3 <3 <3


Valentine, You Color My World!

Homemade crayons are so fabulous!

wheelie valentine

I Wheelie Like You, Valentine!

Rather than a sugar high, the littles can have little races after opening their treasures!

dino mite

Have a Dino-Mite Valentine’s Day!

And after the races … a dinosaur gathering 🙂

mad lib

Mad About You!

Oh my goodness, I still love Mad Libs!

Apple Slices

You’re the Apple of My Eye, Valentine!

Not only is it not candy, it’s healthy!

GoGo Squeez

You Are the Apple of My Eye!

Another spin on the same phrase.


Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Who isn’t a Frozen fan these days?

balloon valentine

Up, Up and Away!

Sweet + simple.

fruit leather

Have a Berry Great Valentine’s Day!

One pack of fruit leather from Costco and you’re practically done!