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Gift Guide: For Education Rockstars (AKA Teachers)

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Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re one of the awesome parents who will show your appreciation to the Educational Rockstars in your life (AKA teachers), here are some great choices you could go with:

Gift Cards

Seriously, who is going to complain about you giving them basically free money? The only thing better: actual money. If you go the gift card route and you’re worried about it not being personal or “thoughtful” enough, you can always spruce up the delivery. Have your kid make a card that it can go in or fill a mason jar with M&M’s and bury the gift card inside.


For those of us with a sense of humor, this gift will stand out from all the rest for your teacher. Because let’s be honest—my own kids make me want a drink after some hard days. Imagine my kid plus 25 others on a bad day! Your teacher would never tell you, but they’ve earned that drink once they get home. Here’s a tasteful way to provide the booze: Chocolate-Dipped Wine Bottles from Gift Tree.

rockstars chocolate dipped

Honest Labels

Speaking of sprucing up that alcohol, these Honest Wine Labels from Etsy shop ToulouseandTonic are hilarious. But even if you aren’t giving wine to your favorite teacher, they work for other gifts you might be giving, like chocolate or a package of your favorite coffee! You can buy them in sets for $13.99 or individually for $2.99.

rock labels

Teacher’s Favorite Things basket

Have your kid go “undercover” on a mission to find out what their teacher’s favorite things are. AKA just have them ask their teacher her favorite color, coffee, candy, restaurant, hobby, etc. Then, from that information, gather a few things into a cute little basket with a bow to present her for Christmas. Believe me, she will appreciate and love everything you two spent time and money on! Find cute baskets HERE!

rock basket

Personalized Dictionary Print of their name

Speaking of a cute way to decorate that’s thoughtful and sure to make your educational rockstars feel special, this personalized name definition print would be perfect for male or female teachers! Customize one from for $22.95.

rockstars name defintion
rock survival kit

Teacher Survival Kit

This is a cute way to provide some supplies the teacher might use a lot of (like paperclips and magnets) and some treats (like chocolate). Eighteen25 gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one as a gift for your Educational Rockstar.

Bath bombs and tealight candles

What better way than to tell her, “Go relax! You’ve earned it!” (Especially when combined with the alcohol from above!)

rockstars bath bomb

Your kid’s favorite book

This is an especially great idea if the teacher is fairly new and is still building her class library. Have your kid write a small note about why reading is important or a short review of the book on the inside covers. This personalizes it even more and lets future readers see how the book impacted a real person already! Better yet, get with a bunch of other kids from the class (or the whole class) to do this so the teacher gets even more books! $5-25

A cute changeable board for the classroom

The class walls don’t need to be covered in just kids’ artwork and spelling word lists. A changeable letter board is a fun decoration that the teacher can get creative with, or let the kids come up with phrases to put up there, too. It’s unique and thoughtful—the perfect combination! $18-52

rockstars board

An actual “Educational Rockstar” item

Just jump on and search that term and you’ll find everything form t-shirts to mugs, to ornaments to jewelry with the phrase. My favorite was this bracelet from JennsHandmadeJewelry. Just make sure your teacher does actually wear bracelets before you go with that cute option! $24-31

rocstar bracelet

A “See! I turned out pretty good” visit

Education rockstars LOVE when you revisit them years down the road. So if your kids are older, like juniors in high school, and they still live close enough to go visit their 2nd grade teacher they loved, encourage them to do so! Their old teacher will love it.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.