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5 Ways To Cut Down On Plastic

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Ever since my first baby was born I’ve tried to be more mindful of our family’s use of plastics. Something about becoming a mom just makes you more aware. Of ingredients. Of potential toxins. Of how the earth will be someday when they’re grown.

I’m in no way perfect. There is definitely plastic in my home. But as I replace items, buy toys, and work in our kitchen I try my best to cut down on plastic purchases and find better, more earth-friendly alternatives.

This quote is one that has always stuck with me, it just makes sense!

If you’re committed to doing what you can too, consider some of these ideas to cut down on plastic …

Try out beeswax wraps

Last year I fell in love with beeswax wraps. Initially for the fun print options, and then, for the function! I’ve since eliminated saran wrap from my kitchen and we’ve cut way back on plastic baggies. I have this print, adore this one, and definitely plan to snag this one next!

Buy a pack of mason jars

Slowly but surely we’ve transitioned much of our food storage to mason jars. They come in so many sizes and are perfect for storing leftovers, drinking out of, freezing smoothies, and, well, everything! We use wide mouth 16 ounce mason jars the most followed by 32 ounce ones.

Say no to plastic straws

I’ll confess, this isn’t something I’ve done yet. But it’s on my radar! I want to get in the habit of saying no to plastic straws and instead pulling out my own stainless steel one.

Be aware of product packaging

When shopping be mindful of items that come in excessive packaging and opt for less plastic when you can.

Sew up reusable gift wrap

This idea originated for our family at Christmas when we switched over to cloth Santa bags. Now I want to do it for all our gift wrapping! You can make your own or support a small business who makes gorgeous ones like these!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.