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This Year, Buy (or Make!) Reusable Santa Gift Bags

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Year after year I find myself trying to hide the special Santa wrapping paper. High atop my closet, in the garage … anywhere my sneaky little Christmas-loving kiddos won’t see it!

In the past, I’ve stayed up late, wrapping Santa gifts in his special wrapping paper and tucking them beneath our fireplace, but, no more! This year, I decided to simplify my holiday plans in many ways. One of which is exchanging Santa wrapping paper for Santa gift bags! No more midnight wrapping for me! No more hiding wrapping paper! And, and added benefit … our family is a little more eco-friendly!

I explained to my kids that Santa sent me an email (he’s so tech-y like that these days!) and asked that we set out empty cloth bags on Christmas Eve with his cookies and reindeer treats. He said he would pop our gifts inside the bags and be on his way; he just has so many stops to make each year that anything we can do to help his trip go faster would be much appreciated 😉

I perused Amazon and found some darling Santa bag options …

Love this canvas one with a space for each child’s name.

Three for just $18.99 here!

Cutest reindeer print!

Jane often has a great selection too, love these ones!

In the end, when I told my mom about my Santa bag plans, she offered to make them for my kids. I know, lucky me! She’s the type of seamstress that doesn’t need a pattern for many things, but I found this great tutorial in case you’re crafty and choose to make your own. We are using a black and white buffalo check flannel so our Santa bags coordinate with much of my Christmas decor. We’re all so excited to put them to use this year!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.