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Apple Stamping Art Project

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apple stamping

We’ve officially arrived in apple season! Around here we’re eating a ton of apples and canning applesauce, but if you ask my daughter, our most fun apple activity has been our apple stamping art project!

There isn’t much prep involved for an afternoon of apple stamping, just a few supplies and one, dare I say, AMAZING tip to make stamping a little easier for your preschooler.

Here’s the supplies you’ll need …

  • Piece of card stock or painting paper
  • Paint: brown, red and green
  • Paper plate
  • Foam brush
  • Apple
  • Marker
  • Knife
  • Extra paper – you’re kids will probably want to make more than one!

Now, the must know tip! Before your little one begins their project you’re going to give their apple stamper a handle! First, slice your apple in half and lay each side on a cutting board flesh side down. Cut a wedge from each side, thus, creating a skinned “handle” for their little hands to grip!

apple project 1

Last mama prep before settling your kiddos at the table for crafting is outlining a tree branch. We’ve been practicing coloring and painting within the lines and this extra step in the project contributes to that practice.

apple project 2

Now, the painting begins!

Following a sequence of steps is a great skill for preschoolers so while I worked on some chores, I directed my daughter to 1) paint the branch brown being careful to stay within the black line 2) rest her apple slice in the red paint and press 3 apple shapes on her page and 3) use her fingertip and green paint to add little green leaves to her project.

It sounds like a lot for a three year old to follow and create, but she did beautifully! I’m sure your child will too!

apple project 3
apple project 4

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.