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Home Decor with Baby Gizmo Episode One – Playroom

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To kick off our new Baby Gizmo home decor video series, At Home with Baby Gizmo, we are starting with the playroom. We are lucky enough to have a huge bonus room on the second floor of our new house that we have dedicated completely to toys and everything kid-related.

The inspiration behind the home decor of this room was just good old fun and lots of color! We wanted to create a space that the kids wanted to play in and could hang out with their friends.


We have a beautiful wall of windows that looks out into the treetops so we didn’t want to cover them up but to showcase them in this well-lit room. We turned to to help us ultimately decide on Levolor 2.5″ Real Wood Blinds. They are the perfect balance of coverage, sophistication and safety.

Playroom windows

With kids in and out of this room all the time, window safety was of utmost priority, so we chose cordless wood blinds that are easy to open with the tilt wand or by just lifting up the bottom rail with your hand. Plus, they were so easy to install ourselves that the kids could even help out and we had them up in minutes. SHOP the Levolor 2.5″ Real Wood Blinds HERE.

installing wood blinds

Another main focal point of the playroom, besides the wall of windows, is the fun and colorful wallpaper from WallCandy Arts that covers one entire wall. We chose to only do one wall so we wouldn’t busy up the room too much, but the French Bull Cityscape Removable Wallpaper was the PERFECT choice for a playroom.

Wallcandy Arts wallpaper

This removable wallpaper is more like giant decals than traditional wallpaper. It requires no water or glue, and once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard to put up. The best thing about the wallpaper (besides it looking AMAZING!) is that it is very durable, I could just wipe off any fingerprints or marks, and also that it can be easily removed and reused in another room.

You can find out more information about the WallCandy Arts Removable Wallpaper we chose here — WallCandy Arts French Bull Cityscape Removable Wallpaper

After tackling the windows and walls, we divided the room into four areas: storage, craft time, kitchen/imaginative play and TV/video games. In the center of the room is a large, four-piece, kid sectional for seating called the Cushy Lounge from Pottery Barn Teen that we bought off of Craigslist for a fraction of the original price. (We plan to pick up the wood bases to raise up the lounge chairs when they go on super sale sometime!)

pottery barn teen seating


With three kids, we have an abundance of toys, so we decided to make our own Ikea Built-in Billy Bookcase. Using Ikea Billy Bookcases, a few pieces of trim, a little paint and some screws, we created a large shelf system that organized the games, books and toys. Find out how to do it yourself here – DIY IKEA Playroom Built-in Billy Bookcase Tutorial

billy book case


With a little inspiration from Pinterest, we designed an entire craft corner with a large DIY chalkboard, DIY Art Wall and completed it with a fun Land of Nod Table and Chairs. We may still add some ceiling spotlights to brighten up this corner even more but we think it is perfect for now.

DIY Playroom Art Wall Tutorial

Land of Nod Table & Chairs (we have the older version without the paper roll)

Craft corner for kids


My 5-year-old is still very much into kitchen play. To keep all the “cooking” and “food” in one place, we set up his Step2 Creative Cooks Play Kitchen in the corner by the craft room. The corner is perfect when he wants to “serve” dinner at the craft table next door.

My little guy is a also a huge cars and trucks kind of kid so it only made sense to add the Luca & Company Traffic Rug in the open space by the kitchen corner. It gives him plenty of space to play with his many cars and monster trucks.

play rug


We are certainly not the type of parents to put a TV in our children’s room but the playroom is different. This gives the kids a place to play video games or catch up on their favorite cartoons without monopolizing the main TV in the living room. Plus, it keeps all the kids off my good couches and the noise level down when they have friends over since they have their own TV space!

We mounted the TV on the wall above a Land of Nod 6-Cube Cubic Bookcase and next to a Land of Nod Cubic Bench. The room didn’t feel complete until we added our Land of Nod Map Canvas that we picked up at their outlet utlet about 5 years ago. 

So, that’s it! You’ve seen our entire playroom! Stay tuned for home decor Episode Two in 2 weeks (on Thursday, October 2 at 9:00am EST on our YouTube channel) to see inside the Fire House Room.

*Disclosure: Thanks to for sponsoring our “At Home with Baby Gizmo” video series.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.