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Baby Comfy Care Nose and Nail for Baby

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When you have a baby, it isn’t all bows, butterflies and adorable baby shoes. It gets messy. FYI – there is a lot of snot. And just like with adults, there is upkeep. Haircuts, nail trimming and other hygiene maintenance. Now, it’s isn’t the glamorous part of being a parent, but it has to be done.

Baby Comfy Care has you covered on two of those things with two products from their baby line – the Baby Comfy Nose and Baby Comfy Nail.

Baby Comfy Nose

baby comfy nose

Peter Champe, dad of two, has a son who had chronic nasal congestion when he was an infant and they quickly discovered that the standard bulb and battery-powered aspirators didn’t generate enough suction to remove the deeper nasal mucus. That’s when he set out to create a better way and the Baby Comfy Nose was born. He created Baby Comfy Nose to trap the mucus in a receptacle that uses a square of tissue paper as a filter. It’s more effective than bulb and battery-powered aspirators because your lung suction is so much greater than the suction that can be generated by other devices.

Newborns are natural nose breathers, so it is important to keep their noses clear. Pediatricians recommend removing as much nasal mucus from babies’ and children’s noses as possible to prevent secondary infections such as ear aches. Plus, think about how difficult breastfeeding is when a baby’s nose is congested.

Features of the Baby Comfy Nose:

  • Uses your own suction as the most effective method to remove nasal mucus
  • Two soft nose tips included 1) Standard 2) Newborn
  • Uses household tissue as a filter – nothing else to buy!
  • Handy mesh dishwasher/storage pouch keeps pieces together
  • Medical-grade quality; 100 dishwasher cycle-tested

Baby Comfy Nail

baby comfy nail

Cutting a baby’s nails can be scary for a new parent. Babies are wiggly and don’t necessarily like to sit to have their nails trimmed for long periods of time. I always recommend to new moms to try to do the nail trimming while the baby is sleeping. Many times it is much easier if you are careful not to wake the baby. But that doesn’t get rid of the fear of “What if I cut the baby?”

Have you ever thought, “Why must nail clippers have two blades?” We did!  When clipping baby nails the danger is clipping the baby’s skin when the bottom blade catches the finger tip flesh. Baby Comfy Care set out to solve this problem with the Baby Comfy Nail.  Instead of a bottom blade, it has a bottom plastic ledge that pushes baby’s skin back and out of the way.  The single blade cuts the thin baby nail while the bottom ledge keeps the skin out of the way and safe. The bottom ledge projects slightly so you can’t cut too close to the nail bed, which is painful. I wish this was around when my kids were tiny! The plastic plate on the bottom is durable and will last for thousands of cuts.

Plus, I really like that the Baby Comfy Nail is larger than your typical nail clippers so that it’s easy to hold, use and it makes it easy to find in the bottom of your diaper bag!

baby comfy nail

Both these products make doing basic hygiene on your baby much easier which is great for both mom and baby. If you are looking for something to add to your baby registry or a product that will make your life easier, definitely check out the Baby Comfy Nose and Baby Comfy Nail! And now that you’ve read about both products, watch the Baby Gizmo video to see them in action!

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*This is a sponsored post by Baby Comfy Care. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are our own. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.