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  1. I have one that slept through the night at 4 weeks, but wasn’t gaining enough weight and we had to wake him for feedings. Fast forward a year and he is 15 months old and healthy but still doesn’t sleep through the night. He cries at bedtime and wakes most nights but takes his nap delightfully. I work from home in direct sales, so his nap times are my work time (not sleep time) so I’m one exhausted mama. Surely this will end one day?

  2. I do all of those and my 1.5 year old still wakes up at night.
    Any advice?
    How do I get him to stop waking up for his bottle. Which is mostly a comfort item. He takes a sip then holds it.

  3. Great tips! I am a certified infant and child sleep consultant. I couldn’t agree with you more! What works for one baby doesn’t work for all babies. I work with parents all over the country (phone, email and Skype) on how to establish healthy sleep habits that best fit your lifestyle. I would add #11: white noise. Noise in the womb is very much like white noise and helps them to soothe after their arrival. Also, it’s never too late to start a healthy sleep routine as sleep is so important for children

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