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Cosatto Supa Stroller Review

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There is a rather new baby gear brand in town (from Europe!) that has some pretty fun strollers you should know about. Cosatto’s mission is to help save the world with baby gear and I think their strollers are on the right track. With fun fabric varieties such as flamingos, cute monsters, whimsical trees, adorable flowers and more, the Cosatto Supa is sure to be a head turner on the street.

Cosatto Supa


If you’d like to watch the full, indepth review: Cosatto Supa Video


Cosatto Supa Stroller

The Supa seat is roomy at 12″ wide with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 27″ from back of seat to canopy. The manual, which is still from the European version I assume, states that the weight capacity is 33 lbs. I’m just not sure that the weight capacity won’t be raised to the usual 45-50 lb weight capacity that we usually see in the US. Stay tuned on that.

There is a padded, adjustable, 5-point harness in the seat with a removable infant head hugger and adorable harness pads. The calf rest adjusts into two different positions (up and down) and the very deep reclining seat can accommodate a newborn.



The basket is pretty typical for an umbrella stroller and is best accessed from the back of the stroller. It can hold a small to medium diaper bag or quite a few loose baby essentials.


Cosatto canopy

The can0py is HUGE when the second large panel is unzipped and folds down in front of the child. One innovative feature of the canopy is the large pocket on top that allows you to slide an iPad or tablet into so that your little rider can watch something while reclined in their seat. Definitely check out our video review to get the entire scoop on the tablet viewing window.

Cosatto Supa Ipad

On the back of the canopy is a small peek a boo window, a large parent pouch and a small pocket with a MP3 adapter and speaker so that you can also play your child’s favorite music in the stroller.

Cosatto Supa


The separate handles are foam covered and are adjustable from 42″ from ground to handle to 44″ for our taller and shorter parents.


The Supa rolls on 5 1/2″ hard rubber wheels that feature adorable graphics depending on which fabric you chose. Ours has cute little flamingos! The rear wheels sport a one-step parking brake and the front wheels are 360 degree swivel wheels with the ability to lock straight for a little “mommy terrain” such as gravel, grass and playground mulch.

cute stroller


The stroller features an easy umbrella-style fold and ends in a stand-alone package. Plus, it has an auto lock, which I LOVE!



I’m happy to report that the Cosatto Supa comes with a bunch of INCLUDED accessories such as the matching, 4-way, reversible “Cosy Toes” which is a seat liner and foot muff all in one. The stroller also includes a cup holder and rain guard!

Cosatto Strollers


For all these fun features, the Cosatto Supa has a pretty hefty price tag for an umbrella stroller of $399. Since it does not take an infant car seat to become a travel system, you just need to make sure you have a big stroller budget for this one. To get the entire feel and know if this is the right stroller for you, make sure to watch our Baby Gizmo Video review above!


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Friday 4th of September 2015

The prints are really cool (some are a bit too busy for me) and all the features are really cool but way out of my price range.

Renee Smith

Friday 4th of September 2015

Love the different prints! Too expensive for me tho :/

Malia Miranda

Friday 4th of September 2015

Hi, Hollie!

We love your reviews! My wife asked me a few weeks ago when we were making our final stroller pick, "why hasn't she reviewed Cosatto?" She really wanted a unique stroller. We felt we just didn't have enough info on this company to purchase without a video review --- at this price.

After a bit of research, we were getting pulled toward the Cosatto To and Fro (which we would have had to buy on UK Amazon); it has a full recline and reversible seat. It also takes a carrier, if you buy Cosatto brand. There's also many good reviews on the Cosatto Yo!, which apparently handles like a dream (upgraded tires from the Supa).

But, after much back and forth re: Cosatto (how we would be unable to return easily if we didn't like the feel), we ended up going with the Inglesina Trilogy. It arrives today. Thanks for your review on that!

One thing I have noticed was that many of these UK/Overseas brands list 33 LBS as a weight limit. I was very confused by Inglesina (getting a lot of conflicting information re: weight limit of Trilogy). I wasn't sure if this had to do w/ European standards or whatever. Because one competing stroller company listed 17KG UK / 50 LBS US limit (which does not compute obviously). I actually emailed Inglesina. He explained that it had a 50LB Us weight limit. They updated their US Site Tech Sheet to list Trilogy as a 50LB weight limit. So, perhaps many other reviewers took specs off of UK conversion. That's why we went with them.

Hope to see more Cosatto availability in US and more reviews.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.