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Cute Pregnancy Announcements

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Who doesn’t love a good “We’re Expecting!” announcement? They can be hysterical, heart warming, or just plain cute, but they all have one thing in common: making everyone so emotional! Whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, we’ve rounded up some cute pregnancy announcements that would be fun to duplicate!

baby announcement
Photo Source: Kalli Barker Blog

All you need for this is some chalk, a wall, and good handwriting skills.

baby announcement with prego

Grab a bottle of Prego sauce and take a selfie!

baby announcement with balloons

Here are three cute ways to tell you’re expecting with balloons for fun pregnancy announcements! Choose whatever color you want and write something clever on them!

shorts hanging from clothesline
Photo Source: Twin Possible

Ain’t that the truth! So much laundry comes along with a newborn! I love this clever and cute announcement!

two dogs announcing baby
Photo Source: Pinterest

Are you a mommy of some adorable fur babies? Get them in on the action of announcing!

couple kissing in front of bump ahead sign
Photo Source: Popcorn Mag

All you need is your partner and the “Bump Ahead” sign for this one.

two little boys holding baby signs

Already have other littles? Get them to tell family and friends you’re expecting another addition! Whether your kids are smiling or crying, it’s bound to be a cute (and maybe hilarious) announcement.

twin announcement

You have to laugh at this twins announcement!

mom dad and little girl showing bellies

This is hands down my favorite. So clever and hilarious and probably true?

couple kissing announcing baby

This sure is a creative use of chalk for pregnancy announcements! Unless you’ve got some serious artistic talent, you might have to hire someone to help you with this, or just make it a little less intricate.

little boy with pink and blue balloons

This older sister announcement is so sweet!

little boy with big bro shirt

Easy peasy. Here’s my boy rocking his big bro shirt. If you want something easy that will get the job done, make a cute tee for your child to wear to tell family your big news! My son loved being the one to tell everyone! It was very special for him!

Need some ideas on some creative baby announcements? Check out our Baby Gizmo Pinterest Board.

Did you have a favorite of the pregnancy announcements? Let us know in the comments below. 

pregnancy announcement ideas

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Monday 23rd of March 2015

Hi! That's my picture up there but it's not the correct source. Can I ask where you found it?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.