Wooly Little Lamb Spring Art Project

Have your littles discovered this book? It’s a favorite of ours and has been for years now. I’ll admit I almost have it memorized … as do my two kids. Through a sweet little rhyme you hear the story of cute little animals and their corresponding sounds. The darling little lamb is always a big hit … BAA BAA BAA … and it inspired our recent art project. Turning our lamb love into some hands-on art couldn’t have come at a better time seeing that it’s spring and wooly little lambs will be popping up in pastures everywhere soon.

Here’s what you’ll need to kick off this cute art project with your little artists…

  • Cardstock – white and green
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls

Draw an oval shape for the lamb’s body as well as a head. Your child can then trace each with a thick black marker. Show your child how to make glue dots and then pull and spread a cotton ball to make it fluffy before placing on top of your glue dot. Fill the space for the head and the body. lamb art supplies

lamb 1

While the glue dries, have your child draw 4 legs with the black marker. You can also practice cutting by adding green grass strips. lamb art 3

lamb art 2

Ta da! Look at that wooly little lamb!

lamb art 4