DIY Pom-Pom Drop for Toddler Fine Motor Skills

I’m always looking for easy ways to help my toddler develop his fine motors skills.  I wanted to share a mini-project that I recently assembled that does an excellent job at addressing just that.

Hold onto your hats… this one’s a doozy.  First, you’ll need a package of pom poms.  They can be purchased at any craft store or even a dollar store.


I used an empty bread crumbs container.  An oatmeal container would also work.  I wiped it clean on the inside and outside. I chose to take one more additional step and wrapped it in some colorful duct tape.


Next, I cut three different sized holes in the lid using an X Acto knife.  I could have traced circles to make them more symmetrical, but hey, who has that kind of time?


PomPom Project for Toddlers

Quite an easy little project, and my little really enjoys it.  He’s sat down and filled the container with all 80 (!!) pom poms before getting up and running away.  Anyone with a toddler (especially a boy toddler) knows this is a HUGE win!