Earthpaste: A toothpaste so natural, you can swallow it!

I was previously a normal don’t-care-what-toothpaste-we-use-as-long-as-it-tastes-good kind of person. Then my daughter was born, and I wanted safer options of everything. I decided to make my own toothpaste. Ha! I am no Pinterest mama. I was kind of lazy and wasn’t into spending the time to get the right ingredients, so my family ended up hating my concoction. Boo.

On the recommendation of friends, we decided to try Earthpaste, a completely all natural toothpaste that you can actually swallow. Because it’s really made from all natural products, it won’t foam (chemicals foam, not natural ingredients) and it won’t feel heavy like your average toothpaste. It currently comes in five flavors: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon Twist and new Spearmint.

Earthpaste only contains the following ingredients:

  • Food Grade Redmond Clay®: A natural polisher and cleanser that is also mineral rich and alkaline. • Xylitol: Sweetener and also recommended by many for tooth health.
  • Purified Water: Used to hydrate the clay.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Anti-bacterial properties, promotes gum health, and bad breath fighter.
  • Other Essential Oils: Added for flavor and other health benefits.
  • Menthol: Only contained in the wintergreen and peppermint flavors. Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean

And they just came out with a new Spearmint flavor, which does not contain xylitol, if you prefer not to have a sweetener.


Why so crazy about toothpaste? Well, it’s something that we are putting in our mouths at least twice a day (I hope!) so I feel it needs to be something I can trust.

How does it taste? If you’re moving on from your average foaming toothpaste, this will take some getting used to. My husband and daughter both hated it at first. I must admit, I felt the change, but I’m open to change. It kind of looks like mud (it’s brown!) and it does take getting used to from the “fluffy” toothpaste. But your teeth feel clean. Really, really clean and your breath smells great. I say, pick your favorite flavor, and give it a week.

Is it expensive? We buy ours in a pack of three 4 ounce tubes from Amazon at $17.51. It is a little pricier than other toothpastes, yes. But I really do recommend it for healthy teeth in the long-term, and especially for little ones who have trouble spitting toothpaste out. Give it a try!

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