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ErgoPouch | Organic Sleep Products for Babies and Toddlers

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“Mom Monday” is back! Are you ready to find out how YOU can get more sleep? We have the secret! Are you ready?

The answer is… Get your baby to sleep more.

Yep, the better baby sleeps – the better WE sleep.

As we head into winter when every new parent is trying to figure out how to keep their baby warm (BUT SAFE!) in their crib at night so that they will sleep longer, I want to share with you some wearable sleep products that are designed to help babies and kids get a better night sleep.

ErgoPouch is an Australian company that makes gorgeous, 100% organic (5% elastane) baby swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits, pyjamas, sleep onesies and accessories for newborns up to age 6.

All the ergoPouch products are made of natural fibers including organic cotton and bamboo. These fabrics are not only super soft to the touch but they are breathable, skin-friendly, AND they keep baby at an even temperature.

The products come in a range of TOG ratings (also known to us as warmth ratings) so there is one that is good for every temperature and season. “A TOG is a unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding. Put simply, the lower the TOG rating, the lighter the fabric. The higher the rating, the more padded and insulated it is.” For example, products with a TOG rating of 2.5 or 3.5 are designed for colder winters and the products with TOG ratings of 0.2 are designed for warmer summer weather.

Knowing your baby’s sleepwear TOG rating is important to avoid overheating and keep their body at a more consistent temperature while their body’s ability to regulate it themselves is still developing.

And if that’s not enough, the ergoPouch swaddles are recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip healthy.”

Speaking of swaddles, let’s start with the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag. Swaddling your newborn mimics the comfortable environment that they were used to in the womb and helps calm the startle reflex so that babies sleep longer and wake less frequently.

Sometimes parents can get frustrated with the learning curve of a traditional wrap swaddle that can seem complicated or ends with a baby wriggling free and upsetting themselves because they are free of the swaddle. (Yes, that happens!) The ergoCocoon makes swaddling so much easier and safer with no wrapping needed. Just zip the Cocoon on your child and they are snug like a hug and you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting loose and possibly covering their face (a fear with traditional wrapped swaddle blankets).

ErgoPouch Cocoon

The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag features a two-way zipper that not only makes putting the swaddle on easy but it makes diaper changes easy as well! Plus, we love that it transitions from a swaddle into a sleeping bag by simply undoing the snaps in the arm holes to allow baby’s arms to be free.

Ergo Pouch Cocoon

\The bell-shaped bottom allows room for legs to move freely which is why it is considered “hip healthy” by the National Hip Dysplasia Institute. The ergoCocoon comes in 3 sizes, 0-3 months, 2-6 months and 3-12 months, and comes in 3 different tog ratings – Summer (0.2), Spring/Autumn (1.0) and the warmest one is made for the winter with a 2.5 tog rating.

Another ergoPouch product we want to focus on today is ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag. It’s a 2-in-1 sleep bag that converts from a sleep bag to a sleep suit with legs. The Sleep Suit was created for children who don’t always like to be confined to a wearable sleeping bag. We love that it gives us the option for those days when your toddler decides the sleep bag is the ONLY way to go and other days when they insist on a sleep suit. All you have to do is switch the zippers to transform it from wearable sleep bag to suit.

Ergopouch Sleep Suit

The Sleep Suit features a 4 way zipper that means getting your child in and out of the sleeping bag is easy-peasy and diaper changes are a breeze. The stretchy side panels and bell-shaped bottom (in sleep bag mode!) allows hips and legs to move freely during sleep making it “hip friendly”.

Ergopouch Sleep Suit

The long sleeves and hand mitts are for extra warmth during the winter and since it’s made out of organic cotton, it’s skin-friendly and breathable.

Have a night time (or morning!) walker? You are going to love the grip pads on the bottom of the Sleep Suit that gives them grip to walk around in SleepSuit mode.

The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag comes in three sizes: 2 -12 months, 12-36 months and 3-6 yrs plus there are 4 tog ratings so that there is one for every season and temperature.

If you’d like more information on these products, you can visit their website at or keep up with them on the ergoPouch Facebook or ergoPouch Instagram where they often promote specials and DISCOUNTS!

You can PURCHASE the ergoPouch products directly on their website and get FREE SHIPPING with orders over $70.

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Sunday 24th of November 2019

Wow! Super cool!

Cassandra D

Sunday 24th of November 2019

I like mint star.

Yen Bui

Sunday 24th of November 2019

Cocoon sleep bag!

Stephanie O'Day

Sunday 24th of November 2019

I would love the Cocoon for my little one coming in January!

Amanda B

Sunday 24th of November 2019

The Ergococoon would be great for transition!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.