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  1. I would like a sleep suit. Our rooms at the end of the house are always colder. I think this would be nice for when we go to camp also.

  2. Holy heck, I’ve loved their cocoon’s for ages but the sleepsuit is just next level adorable! I would love to win the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag in Mint Leaf for my darling niece!

  3. These would be amazing for baby #2! My first hated to be swaddled and we paid for it in lack of sleep! Hoping to find our miracle product for number 2! I love the cocoon swaddle!

  4. The sleep suits. My 3 year old hate the covers and our house gets cold at night. I always worry about if he is warm and sadly he has been waking way too much lately in the middle of the night.
    Makes me wonder if he is cold.

  5. OMG !!! this looks AWESOME! We are planning a Big Bear Xmas and this will be a need for my toddler !! we are not used to cold weather in San Diego.

  6. I would like the Cocoon Swaddle. I have and really like the sleep suit but none of the swaddles. Would really use these in Minnesota in the winter

  7. Thank you for the discount and I can’t wait to see who wins! We definitely need one of these for winter months!!!

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